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The Somalis in the East Africa Protectorate and Kenya Colony, 1895-1963.
El-Safi, M.A.G.H., Ph.D. (1972), Edinburgh (Watt, W.M.; Shepperson, G.A.)
University Liberals and the challenge of democracy, 1860-86.
Harvie, C.T., Ph.D. (1972), Edinburgh (Best, G.F.A.)
The las campaign of Montrose.
Hopkins, W.P., M. Litt. (1972), Edinburgh (Donaldson, G.; Bannerman, J.W.M.)
The development of the Melvillian movement in late 16th-century Scotland.
Kirk, J., Ph. D. (1972), Edinburgh (Donaldson, G.; Cheyne, A.C.)
The origins of the political ideologies of John Knox and the Marian exiles.
Little, P.M., Ph. D. (1972), Edinburgh (Cheyne, A.C.; Matheson, P.C.)
Public health legislation and problems in Victorian Edinburgh with special reference to the work of Dr. Littlejohn as Medical Officer of Health.
Macdonald, H., Ph.D. (1972), Edinburgh (Best, G.F.A.; Flinn, M.W.)
The fighter in bondage: revolutionary nationalism in Germany, 1914-33.
Orr, J.M., Ph. D. (1972), Edinburgh (Poggi, G.)
The influence of public transport on the growth of Edinburgh in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Page, P.J., M.Sc. (1972), Edinburgh (Stewart, D.H.)
The social and economic implications of the feuing of ecclesiastical property in Scotland in the late 15th and 16th centuries.
Sanderson, Margaret H.B., Ph. D. (1972), Edinburgh (Donaldson, G.; Ferguson, W.)
The historical works of Jon Espolin and his contemporaries: aspects of Icelandic historiography.
Sigurdsson, L., Ph. D. (1972), Edinburgh (Hay, D.; Palsson, H.)
British evangelical missions to Spain in the 19th century.
Sitoy, T.V.S., Ph.D. (1972), Edinburgh (Cheyne, A.C.; Ross, A.C.)
Stirlingshire politics, 1701-1832.
Sunter, J.R.M., Ph.D. (1972), Edinburgh (Ferguson, W.; Simpson, J.M.)
Edinburgh politics, 1832-52.
Williams, J.C., Ph.D. (1972), Edinburgh (Ferguson, W.; Phillipson, N.)
The politics of the Mihna under al-Ma'mun and his successors.
Abusaq, M.O., Ph.D. (1971), Edinburgh (Watt, W.M.; Erickson, J.)
Anti-Corn Law agitations in Scotland, with particular reference to the Anti-Corn Law League.
Cameron, K.J., Ph.D. (1971), Edinburgh (Donaldson, G.; Ferguson, W.)
Social statistics in Britain, 1830-52.
Cullen, M.J., Ph.D. (1971), Edinburgh (Flinn, M.W.; Saul, S.B.)
Italian opinions about Great Britain during the period of the Italian Renaissance.
de Cossart, M.E.C., Ph.D. (1971), Edinburgh (Hay, D.; Brand, C.P.)
The standard of living of the Scottish farm labourer in selected areas at the time of the first two Statistical Accounts, 1790-1845.
Goldie, Margaret E., M.Sc. (1971), Edinburgh (Smout, T.C.; Mitchison, Rosalind M.)
The development and organization of adult education in Kenya, with special reference to African rural development, 1945-70.
Prosser, R.C., Ph.D. (1971), Edinburgh (Lowe, J.; Shepperson, G.A.)
David Livingstone and India.
Visram, Rozina G., M.Litt. (1971), Edinburgh (Shepperson, G.A.)