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Opposition to government in early 16th century Florence, 1494-1530.
Knox, Henry A.L., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Mackenney, Richard S.; Stephens, John N.)
Medical aspects of the famine in Scotland and Ireland in the 19th century.
MacGillivray, Neil, M.Sc. (1999), Edinburgh
Local governance and economic development: re-figuring state regulation in the Scottish Highlands
Mackinnon, Daniel, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Withers, Charles W.J.)
Perceptions of the New World in England c.1570-c.1625.
Macpherson, Sarah L., M.Sc. (1999), Edinburgh
The legacy of Michael Collins, 1922-32.
McLean, Robert, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Edwards, Owen Dudley; Anderson, Michael)
The enlightened curriculum: liberal education in 18th-century British schools.
Moore, Terrence O., Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Phillipson, Nicholas T.; Anderson, Robert D.)
Scotland and the American Civil War: a local perspective.
Peters, Lorraine, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Cameron, Ewen A.; Cullis, Philip J.)
Scotland and the American Civil War.
Peters, Lorraine, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Cameron, Ewen A.; Cullis, Philip J.)
Britain and the American colonies, 1760-83.
Selzer, Eric I., M.Sc. (1999), Edinburgh
Kennedy kindred, 1346-1576, in Carrick and S.W. Scotland and the influence of Gaelic society.
Simmons, John, Ph.D. - suspended (1999), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Boardman, Steven I.)
The Scottish glass industry, 1610-1750.
Turnbull, Jill, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Murdoch, Alexander J.)
A study of the extent to which existing native religious society helped to shape Scotland's reformed monastic community, 1070-1286.
Veitch, Kenneth, Ph.D. (1999), Edinburgh (Bannerman, John W.M.; Lynch, Michael)
Studies in the history and thought of the Isma'ili states in medieval Yemen.
Al-Abdul Jader, Adel S., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh
The contemplatives in action: Vincenzo Querini, Gasparo Contarini and the shaping of politics in Renaissance Italy.
Bowd, Stephen D., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Mackenney, Richard S.; Dickson, M. Gary)
United States intelligence on Iran from Truman to Reagan, with special reference to the problem of policy-formation.
Donovan, Michael P., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri; Rothwell, Victor H.)
Professional men of law before the lords of council, c.1500-1550.
Finlay, John, Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh
The Dominicans in Scotland, 1450-1560.
Foggie, Janet P., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Dickson, M. Gary)
The governorship of the 1st duke of Albany.
Hunt, Karen J., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Lynch, Michael; Boardman, Steven I.)
Love and work: feminism, family and ideas of equality and citizenship, Britain 1900-39.
Innes, Susan K., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Brown, A.; Morris, Robert J.)
The British shipping industry in the 16th century.
Jones, Evan T., Ph.D. (1998), Edinburgh (Blanchard, Ian S.W.; Newman, J.)