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Freedom and federation: Congress and courts, 1861-5.
Allan, Patricia M.L., Ph.D. (1973), Glasgow (Brock, W.R.)
Some patterns and processes of urban change: the case of Falkirk, 1800-1961.
Barke, M.J., Ph.D. (1973), Glasgow (Caird, J.B.)
The anti-slavery movement in the west of Scotland in the 19th century.
Bingham, R.L., M.Litt. (1973), Glasgow (McCaffrey, J.F.)
The Scottish minister of the 19th century: his life, work and relations with his people.
Blakey, R.S., M.Th. (1973), Glasgow (MacDonald, M.E.)
The Soviet Union and conference diplomacy: a study of Soviet attitudes and policy towards international conferences inthe period 1933-9.
Condren, P.L.S., Ph. D. (1973), Glasgow (Gillard, D.R.)
John Wheatley: a study in labour history.
Cooper, S., Ph.D. (1973), Glasgow (Tumelty, J.J.)
Soviet foreign policy, 1930-3: the new alignment, with reference to the non-aggression pact as an instrument of soviet diplomacy.
Large, J.A., Ph. D. (1973), Glasgow (Gillard, D.R.)
Stirling, 1780-1880: the rsponse of burgh government to the problems of urban growth.
McKichan, F., M.Litt. (1973), Glasgow (Duncan, A.A.M.)
Pickfords, 1750-1920: a study of the development of transportation.
Turnbull, G.L., Ph.D. (1973), Glasgow (Checkland, S.G.)
Anglo-Soviet relations, 1917-24: a study in the politics of diplomacy.
White, S.L., Ph.D. (1973), Glasgow (Nove, A.)
Scottish mercenaries in the service of Denmark and Sweden, 1626-32.
Fallon, J.A., Ph. D. (1972), Glasgow (Duncan, A.A.M.)
American economic sanctions against Great Britain, 1806-12.
Watson, G.E., Ph.D. (1972), Glasgow (Parish, P.J.)
M. N. Pokrovsky and the origin of Soviet historiography.
White, J. D., Ph. D. (1972), Glasgow (Brock, W. R.)
Scottish Gaelic folksong, 1500-1800.
Whyte, A.A., M. Litt. (1972), Glasgow
Patriarch, shah and caliph: a study of the relationships of the Church of the East with the Sassanid empire and the early caliphates up to 820 A.D.
Young, W. G., Ph. D. (1972), Glasgow (Frend, W.H.C.)
Anglo-Scottish relations in the reigns of Robert II and Robert III.
Hamer, Edna, M. Litt. (1971), Glasgow (Brown, A.L.)
Political reactions in the Glasgow constituencies at the general elections of 1885 and 1886.
McCaffrey, J.F., Ph.D. (1971), Glasgow (Checkland, S.G.; Duncan, A.A.M.)
Benedict XIII and Scotland, 1394-1417.
McGurk, F., M. Litt. (1971), Glasgow (Duncan, A.A.M.; Cowan, I.B.)
The Covenanters and the government of Scotland, 1637-51.
Stevenson, D., Ph. D. (1971), Glasgow
The ad hoc administration of education in Scotland, 1872-1929.
Walker, J.H., Ph.D. (1971), Glasgow