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Migrant identities in the French revolutionary period, 1774-1835.
McKnight, Amy, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Munck, Thomas; Hopkins, David)
'Who do you think you are?' Gay men, self-perception and identity in Scotland, 1940-80.
Meek, Jeff, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Gordon, Eleanor; Elliot, Rosemary)
Murder by poison in Scotland during the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Merry, Karen J., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow
Royal ceremonies in late medieval France.
Murphy, Neil W., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Small, Graeme P.)
A century of covert ethnography in Britain, c.1880-c.1980.
Nelson, Gillian L., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Gorgon, Eleanor J.; Freeman, Mark)
The religious and ecclesiastical role of women in the church in the city of Rome in the late 8th and early 9th century.
Schluter, Lindsay, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Dunn, Marilyn)
Church authority and non-subscription controversies in early 18th century Presbyterianism.
Sealy, Charles S., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow
An archaeology of Scotland's early Romanesque churches: the towers of Alba.
Semple, Mhairi-Claire, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Broun, Dauvit E.; Driscoll, Stephen T.)
Obstetric practice and cephalopelvic disproportion in Glasgow, 1840-1900.
Skippen, Mark W., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Nicolson, Malcolm; Crowther, Anne)
'Judgement and experience'? British politics, Atlantic connexions and the American Revolution.
Struan, Andrew D., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Newman, Simon; Glassey, Lionel K.J.)
The public-private interface of domiciliary medical care for the poor in Scotland, c.1875-1911.
Sutton, David A., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Crowther, M. Anne; Dupree, Marguerite)
Stateless envoy: the life and times of August Torma (1895-1971).
Tamman, Tina, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow
The campaigns of the Norman dukes of southern Italy against Byzantium, in the years between 1071 and 1108 A.D.
Theotokis, Georgios, Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Strickland, Matthew; Dunn, Marilyn)
From Rome to 'the ends of the habitable world': the provision of clergy and church buildings in the Hebrides, c.1266-c.1472.
Thomas, Sarah E., Ph.D. (2010), Glasgow (Driscoll, Stephen T.; Macgregor, Martin D.W.)
The Norman episcopate, 989-1110.
Allen, Richard, Ph.D. (2009), Glasgow
Traditional farm buildings, 1770-1840: a study of the farm steadings on two Galloway estates.
Burgess, Alison, M.Phil. (2009), Glasgow
A study of the origin of Scottish Presbyterianism, 1560-1638.
Harada, Koji, M.Th. (2009), Glasgow
The Galloway Levellers: a study of the origins, events and consequences of theirs actions.
Livingston, Alistair, M.Phil. (2009), Glasgow
Our ancient national airs: Scottish song collecting, c.1760-1888.
McAulay, Karen E., Ph.D. (2009), Glasgow
The origins, patronage and culture of association football in the west of Scotland, c.1865-1902.
McDowell, Matthew L., Ph.D. (2009), Glasgow