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Making America's music: jazz history and the Jazz Preservation Act.
Farley, Jeff, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow
British planning for the defence of India.
Gillon, Benjamin T., Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Ball, Simon J.; O'Brien, Phillips P.)
"A perfect elysium and the residence of a divinity": a social analysis of country houses and policies in late 17th- and 18th-century Scotland.
Hale, Caroline, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Driscoll, Stephen T.; Macaulay, James)
The lobbying activities of provincial mercantile and manufacturing interests against the renewal of the East India Company's charter, 1812-13 and 1829-33.
Kumagai, Yukihisa, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Ross, Duncan M.)
'A machinery for the moral elevation of a town population': church extension in Glasgow, 1800-43.
Lafferty, Allan G.M., Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow
Scandinavian settlement of northern Shetland: Northmavine, Yell, Unst and Fetlar.
Marttila, Juha M., Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Batey, Colleen E.)
Learning to breathe: the history of newborn resuscitation, 1929-70.
McAdams, Rachel, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Weaver, Lawrence; Nicolson, Malcolm)
The scholar advocate: Rudolf Schlesinger's writings on Marxism and Soviet historiography.
McKendry, Stephanie J., Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (White, James D.)
Local authorities and the development of the National Health Service (N.H.S.) in Scotland, 1939-74.
Merrick, Leigh, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Dupree, Marguerite; Ross, Duncan M.; Rollings, Neil)
The prevention and resolution of disputes over property rights in 12th- and early 13th-century Scotland.
O'Sullivan, Eileen M., Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Broun, Dauvit E.)
The rhetoric of Americanisation: social construction of the British computer industry in the post-World War II period.
Reid, Robert J. Kirkwood, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Stokes, Ray; Rollings, Neil)
'When women look their worst': women and sports participation in inter-war Scotland.
Skillen, Fiona, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Gordon, Eleanor; Hughes, Annemarie)
The inlegebill scribbling of my imprompt pen': the production and circulation of literary miscellany manuscripts in Jacobean Scotland, c.1580-c.1630.
Verweij, Sebastiaan J., Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow
Women's organisations and feminism in inter-war Scotland.
Wright, Valerie, Ph.D. (2008), Glasgow (Gordon, Eleanor; Hughes, Annemarie)
'Shame on him who allows them to live': the Jacquerie of 1358.
Aiton, Douglas, Ph.D. (2007), Glasgow
Marriage in Scotland, 1650-1850.
Barclay, Katie, Ph.D. (2007), Glasgow
The archaeology of pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain: a landscape perspective.
Candy, J.M., Ph.D. (2007), Glasgow
Power, the episcopacy and elite culture in the post-Roman Rhône valley.
Dodd, Leslie, Ph.D. (2007), Glasgow
The armed services and Glasgow University, 1914-18.
Hughes, Gerard A.C., M.Phil. (2007), Glasgow
Scottish shipbuilding and the Australian market, 1901-71.
MacDonald, Michael J., Ph.D. (2007), Glasgow