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Settlement and community: their location, limits and movement through the landscape of historical Cyprus.
Sollars, Luke Hayward, Ph.D. (2005), Glasgow (Knapp, A. Bernard; Given, M.)
Gaming artefacts of the Viking homelands and northwest expansion: a study of Tafl games.
Sperr, Alexandra P., M.Phil. (2005), Glasgow
The Anglo-Norman aristocracy under divided lordship, 1087-1106: a social and political study.
Strevett, Neil, Ph.D. (2005), Glasgow
The narrative of the Scottish nation and its late medieval readers: non-textual reader scribal activity in the MSS. of Fordun, Bower and their derivatives.
Tod, Murray A.L., Ph.D. (2005), Glasgow
The practice of Irish kingship in the central middle ages.
Zumbuhl, Mark J., Ph.D. (2005), Glasgow
Uncertain frontiers: the oral history of Galicia, 1918-39.
Zygadlo, Mark, M.Phil. (2005), Glasgow
The debate about women and its socio-cultural background in early modern Venice.
Dialeti, Androniki, Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow (Black, Christopher F.)
The reputation of George Buchanan (1506-82) in the British Atlantic world before 1832.
Erskine, Caroline F., Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow
Special daughters of Rome: Glasgow and its Roman Catholic Sisters, 1847-1913.
Kehoe, Sara K., Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow
The Venetian Inquisition and aspects of 'otherness': Judaizers, Muslim and Christian converts (16th-17th century).
Plakotos, Georgios, Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow (Black, Christopher F.)
Challenges posed by the geography of the Scottish Highlands to ecclesiastical endeavour over the centuries.
Stephen, John Rothney, Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow
'Scotland the real': the representation of traditional music in Scottish tourism.
Stevenson, Lesley, Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow
Orkney pilgrimage: perspectives of the cult of St. Magnus.
Søiland, Margareth Buer, Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow
Forgotten lives: the role of Anna, Ol'ga and Mariia Ul'ianova in the Russian Revolution, 1864-1937.
Turton, Katy, Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow
Settlement and integration in Scotland, 1124-1214: local society and the development of aristocratic communities, with special reference to the Anglo-French settlement of the south-east.
Webb, Nigel M., Ph.D. (2004), Glasgow
John Reeves Ellerman: entrepreneur or empire builder?
McCleave, Peter, M.Litt. (2003), Glasgow (Ross, Duncan M.)
Secrets of success: the development of obstetric ultrasound in Scotland, 1963-90.
Nicholson, Deborah, Ph.D. (2003), Glasgow (Nicholson, Malcolm; Stokes, Raymond G.)
Communities in southwest Scotland. c. 200 B.C.-200 A.D.: social space, material culture and identity.
Carruthers, Martin A., M.Phil. (2002), Glasgow (Hanson, William S.)
Aspects of the Severan field army: the Praetorian guard, Legio II Parthica and legionary vexillations, A.D. 193-238.
Cowan, Ross H., Ph.D. (2002), Glasgow (Keepie, L.J.)
Britain and the Greek-Turkish war and settlement of 1919-23: the pursuit of security by 'proxy' in western Asia Minor.
Daleziou, Eleftheria, Ph.D. (2002), Glasgow (O'Brien, Phillips P.)