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Military recruiting in the Scottish Highlands, 1739-1815: the political, social and economic context.
MacKillop, Andrew, Ph.D. (1996), Glasgow (Cowan, Edward J.)
'The tribe of Dan': the New Connexion of General Baptists, 1770-1891, a study in the transition from revival movement to established denomination.
Rinaldi, Frank W., Ph.D. (1996), Glasgow
Covenanting political propaganda, 1638-88.
Steele, Margaret, Ph.D. (1996), Glasgow (Duncan, Archibald A.M.)
Boarding-out the insane, 1857-1913: a study of the Scottish system.
Sturdy, Harriet C.G., Ph.D. (1996), Glasgow (Parry-Jones, W. Ll.)
British attitudes towards the Soviet Union, 1951-6.
Swann, Peter W., Ph.D. (1996), Glasgow (Mawdsley, Evan)
A Holiness Church in Scotland: the origins and development of the Church of the Nazarene, 1906-50.
Whiteford, Jean C., M.Th. (1996), Glasgow
History of medicine in Qatar.
Gotting, Fay J., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow
Government and politics in Scotland, 1661-81.
Lee, Ronald A., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow
Ireland and Scotland, 1560-1760: the historical perspective on the Gaelic dimension.
Macdonald, Fiona A., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow (Cowan, Ian B.; Kirk, James)
The emergence of a graduate dental profession, 1858-1957.
Marlborough, Helen Scott, Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow
The 1859 religious revival in Scotland: a review and critique of the movement, with particular reference to the city of Glasgow.
Marrs, Clifford J., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow
The Liberal party in Scotland, 1843-68: electoral politics and party development.
Millar, Gordon F., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow (McCaffrey, John F.)
The administration of urban society in Scotland, 1800-50, with reference to the growth of civic government in Glasgow and its suburbs.
Oliver, Sheila C., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow (Maver, Irene E.)
Rule Britannia: an analysis of the propaganda which fuelled the wars of belligerent nationalism in Great Britain, 1719-39.
Thomson, Oliver C.W., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow (Glassey, Lionel K.J.)
The Baltic provinces and the Russian empire: provincial privilege and imperial prerogative in the process of agrarian reform in Livland, Estland and Kurland, 1765-1849.
Bruns, Maureen P. Maguire, Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (White, J.D.; Hope, N.M.)
Trade, politics, perspectives and the question of a British commercial policy towards the German states, 1848-66.
Davis, John R., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Hope, N.M.)
The search for salvation: lay faith in Scotland, 1480-1560.
Fitch, Audrey-Beth, Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Duncan, A.A.M.; Kirk, J.)
Passwords to power: a public rationale for expert influence on central government policy-making - British scientists and economists, c.1900-c.1925.
Hull, Andrew J., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Trainor, Richard H.)
The imperial eye: perceptions in British photography, 1850-70, of India and the Near East.
Lindsay, Alison J., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Willsden, Clare A.)
Children under the care of the Scottish Poor Law, 1880-1929.
Macdonald, Helen J., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Crowther, M. Anne)