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Cross-channel packet services, c.1840-1900, with special reference to services between Dover and Calais, and Folkestone and Boulogne.
Croft, R.J., M.A. (1973), Kent (Barker, T.C.)
English Protestant mission education and government policy in souther Nigeria, 1880-1940.
George, J.C., M.A. (1973), Kent (Anstey, R.T.)
Reform and Reformatiopn in France, 1517-36.
Hempsall, D.S., Ph. D. (1973), Kent (Jack, M.A.)
The development of the Kent coalfield, 1896-1946.
Johnson, W., Ph.D. (1973), kent (Barker, T.C.)
The Dock, Wharf, Riverside and General Labourers Union in S. Wales and Bristol, 1889-1922.
Leng, P.J., M.A. (1973), Kent (Atkinson, B.J.)
Wellington, Aberdeen and the Miguelist crisis in Portugal, 1826-31.
Smith, D.C.H., M.A. (1973), Kent (Langhorne, R.T.B.)
Newspapers and politics in Canterbury and Maidstone, 1815-50: opinion in two Kentish towns.
Eaton, K.J., M.A. (1972), Kent
Britian, France and the German problem, 1924: Ramsey Macdonald at the Foreign Office.
Eley, S.R., M.A. (1972), Kent (Langhorne, R.T.B.)
The N.A.D.A.P. and agriculture in Germany, 1928-38.
Farquharson, J.E., Ph. D. (1972), Kent (Langhorne, H.M.)
Vansittart, the Foreign Office and the Rhineland question, 1933-6.
Greenwood, S., M.A. (1972), Kent
Lord Milner and the Ulster crisis, 1912-14.
Hamilton, N.C., M.A. (1972), Kent
Ramsgate harbour, 1747-1862.
Munslow, Janet E., M.A. (1972), Kent (Barker, T.C.; Whyman, J.)
La Compagnie Nouvelle du Canal de Panama, 1894-1908.
Skinner, J.M., Ph.D. (1972), Kent (Larkin, M.J.M.)
Parish councils and their representative associations, 1894-1970.
Beck, J.M., Ph.D. (1971), Kent
Hurrel Froude and his influence on the Oxford Movement.
Brendon, P.G.R., Ph.D. (1971), Kent
A study of the structure of corporate estate management of the lands of the dean and chapter of canterbury, 1640-1760.
Heaton, D.A., M. A. (1971), Kent (Mingay, G.E.)
The movement for municipal amalgamation in the Medway towns, 1674-1970.
Jardine, I.A.P., M. A. (1971), Kent (Keith-Lucas, B.)
Homes for heroes: housing problems at the end of the First World War, with special reference to the work of the Ministry of Reconstruction.
Jordan, Jill R., M.A. (1971), Kent (Barker, T.C.)
The development of the government of Jersey, 1771-1969.
Le Herissier, R., Ph. D. (1971), Kent (Keith-Lucas, B.)
Newspapers and opinion in Cambridge, 1790-1850.
Murphy, M.J., M.A. (1971), Kent