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The 15th-century context of Laurence Minot's poetry: re-reading BL, MS. Cotton Galba E ix.
Madden, Mollie, M.A. (2006), Kent
The Great War on the small screen: British Great War television documentaries, 1964-2003.
Mahoney, Emma, Ph.D. (2006), Kent
The domestic leadership of Bill Clinton: three case studies.
Redmond, Matthew, M.A. (2006), Kent
The role of women in the old Greek cinema, 1949-67: the impact of Americanisation.
Tsoumi-Farmaki, Eleni, Ph.D. (2006), Kent
The reading and writing practices of the Kentish gentry: the emergence of a Protestant identity in Elizabethan Kent.
Bartram, Claire M., Ph.D. (2005), Kent
The annihilation of the British IX Corps on the Aisne, 27 May 1918.
Blanchard, David, M.Phil. (2005), Kent (Connelly, Mark)
The memorialisation of the Great War in Folkestone, Canterbury and Dover, 1918-24.
Donaldson, Peter McIntosh, Ph.D. (2005), Kent (Welch, David A.; Connelly, Mark L.)
Directed to the mines: the Bevin boys, 1943-8.
Kneif, Mary Ann, Ph.D. (2005), Kent (Connelly, Mark L.)
Private lives and patriotism: a study of attitudes to sex and venereal disease in wartime Britain, 1914 - 1918
Payne, Emily, Ph.D. (2005), Kent (Connelly, Mark L.)
Private lives and patriotism: a study of attitudes to sex and venereal disease in wartime Britain, 1914-18.
Payne, Emily S., Ph.D. (2005), Kent
Religion, politics and polemic in 17th-century England: the public career of Henry Burton, 1625-48.
Rowlstone, Stephen, Ph.D. (2005), Kent (Eales, Jacqueline S.)
Dover's bunker mentality: Dover, its people and its tunnels in two world wars.
Semple, Rory, Ph.D. (2005), Kent (Welch, David A.)
Propaganda, the British press and contemporary war: a comparative study of the Gulf War, 1990-1, and the Kosovo conflict, 1999.
Willcox, David, Ph.D. (2005), Kent
Kent V.A.D.: the work of Voluntary Aid Detachments in Kent during the First World War.
Basford, Hazel Bruce, M.Phil. (2004), Kent (Connelly, Mark L.)
The impact on the county of Kent of the French Revolution, 1789-1802.
Cooper, Cyril, Ph.D. (2004), Kent (Ditchfield, Grayson)
Coastal command, 1939-45: the cinderella service.
Hendrie, Andrew W. Aitchison, Ph.D. (2004), Kent (Connelly, Mark L.)
Cholera and the sanitary revolution in 19th-century England.
Collins, Christopher H., M.A. (2003), Kent (Sleigh, Charlotte)
Behind the thin black line: Leslie Illingworth and the political cartoonist in wartime.
Bryant, Mark, Ph.D. (2002), Kent (Welch, David A.)
Growing up in working-class London between the wars.
Giles, William F., Ph.D. (2002), Kent (Cunningham, Hugh C.)
Puritanism and the emergence of Laudianism in city politics in Norwich, c.1570-1643.
Reynolds, Matthew R., Ph.D. (2002), Kent (Fincham, Kenneth C.)