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The politics of providentialism in England, c.1640-1660.
Browell, Geoffrey C., Ph.D. (2000), Kent
The evolutionist at large: Grant Allen, scientific naturalism and Victorian culture.
Cowie, David, Ph.D. (2000), Kent (Smith, Crosbie W.)
The politics of mistrust: the relationship between anarchism and syndicalism in the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo, 1910-31, with reference to the International Revolutionary Syndicalist movement
Garner, Jason G., Ph.D. (2000), Kent (Welch, David A.)
The Devil in English culture, c.1549-c.1660.
Johnstone, Nathan, Ph.D. (2000), Kent (Eales, Jacqueline S.)
The ambassadors of Henry VIII: the personnel of English diplomacy, c.1500-c.1550
MacMahon, Luke M.C., Ph.D. (2000), Kent (Potter, David L.)
'Errant angels': Catholic reformatories and industrial schools in 19th-century Britain.
Pearce, Lynda, Ph.D. (2000), Kent (Wells, Roger A.E.)
'The merchant princes of Nassau': the maintenance of political hegemony in the Bahamas, 1834-1948.
Themistocleous, Rosalyn M., Ph.D. (2000), Kent (Turley, David M.)
Crown and community in Essex, c.1066-c.1189.
Titterington, David J., Ph.D. (2000), Kent (Vincent, Nicholas C.)
Aspects of Kuwaiti-Qatari relations, 1766-1995: a Kuwaiti view.
al-Roumi, Mohammad A.M., M.A. (1999), Kent
An analysis of the role of migration in respect of Turkey's relations with the E.C./E.U. in the years between 1963 and 1995 inclusive.
Barnard-Kip, Fulya, Ph.D. (1999), Kent
Empires of patronage: Colonel William Sykes and the politics of Victorian science.
Beecroft, Mark E., Ph.D. (1999), Kent (Smith, Crosbie W.)
Farming and landholding in a Wealden parish: a study of farmers in Frittenden, 1800-70.
Betts, Philip F.J., Ph.D. (1999), Kent (Armstrong, Walter A.)
Breaching the Bastille: aspects of gender, class and politics in the women's movement to reform the 19th-century English workhouse.
Chantry, Angela, Ph.D. (1999), Kent (Wells, Roger A.E.)
The popularization of science in France in the periodical press during the Second Empire, c.1850-c.1870.
Colson, Gerald D., Ph.D. (1999), Kent (Crosland, Maurice; Ditchfield, Grayson M.)
Medicine and literature in 19th-century Britain.
Copping, Matthew C., M.A. (1999), Kent
Westgate-on-Sea 1865-1940: fashionable watering place and London satellite, exclusive resort and a place for schools.
Crouch, Dawn, Ph.D. (1999), Kent (Cunningham, Hugh St.C.; Rosman, Doreen M.)
The witch: subversive, heretic or scapegoat? Legal reforms and abuses in England, Scotland and Europe, 1560-1650.
Dawson, Daniel O., Ph.D. (1999), Kent
Elite perceptions of the Victorian and Edwardian past in inter-war England.
Gardiner, John P., Ph.D. (1999), Kent (Cunningham, Hugh St. C.)
The role of public opinion during the trial of Archbishop Laud, 1641-5.
James, Leonie S., M.A. (1999), Kent (Fincham, Kenneth C.)
Philip Zec: cartoonist in a propaganda war.
Kellett, David K., M.A. (1999), Kent (Welch, David A.)