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The rich and the poor: Jewish philanthropy and social control in 19th-century London.
Rozin, Mordechai, Ph.D. (1996), Kent
'Over there', 1944-5 - Americans in the Liberation of France: their perceptions of and relations with France and the French.
Thomson, Andrew A., Ph.D. (1996), Kent (Welch, David A.)
The British technological crusade to post-Crimean Turkey: electric telegraphy, railways, naval shipbuilding and armament technologies.
Bektas, Yakup, Ph.D. (1995), Kent (Smith, C.W.)
Lords, lands and livelihood: a study of the composition and management of the small gentry estate in Kent, c.1246-1348, with particular reference to the lesser lay tenants-in-chief.
Everett, Vaughan, Ph.D. (1995), Kent (Butcher, A.F.)
Aspects of parochial religion in 17th-century Kent: the evidence of churchwardens' accounts.
Hitchman, Valerie A., M.A. (1995), Kent (Fincham, K.C.)
Somerset Place to Whitehall: reforming the civilian departments of the navy, 1830-34.
MacDougall, Philip, Ph.D. (1995), Kent (Ditchfield, G.M.)
Sixteenth-century courtship in the diocese of Canterbury.
O'Hara, Diana, Ph.D. (1995), Kent (Butcher, A.F.)
Aspects of order and disorder in Kent, with special reference to four parishes: Chart Sutton, Sutton Valence, East Sutton and Willesborough, c.1590-1620.
Shah, Nabeela A., M.Phil. (1995), Kent
The changing patterns of Black politics in Britain.
Shukra, K.K., Ph.D. (1995), Kent
Sources for the study of history in 8th- and 9th-century Northumbria.
Turff, Louise F., M.A. (1995), Kent (Smyth, A.P.)
Economy and society in Dover, 1509-40.
Dixon, Mary, Ph.D. (1994), Kent (Butcher, A.F.)
Le Monde on the Algerian war under the Fourth Republic: a study of the newspaper's coverage, 1944-58.
Khane, Mahamed, Ph.D. (1994), Kent (Fortescue, W.A.I.)
The effect of the coming of the railway on the towns and villages of E. Kent, 1841-1914.
Andrews, Frank W.G., Ph.D. (1993), Kent (Armstrong, W.A.; Whyman, J.)
The Stanhopes in Geneva: an English noble family in Genevan politics and society, 1767-74.
Bennett, Angela C., M.A. (1993), Kent (Church, C.H.)
National politics and the development of local administrative structures during the French Revolution: the example of the Hérault, 1789-1801.
Duck, Roger J., M.A. (1993), Kent (Church, C.H.)
The Walloon strangers in Canterbury, 1574-1640.
Fisher, Margaret D., M.A. (1993), Kent (Butcher, A.F.)
Anglo-Polish relations, 1943-6.
Hurst, J.W., M.A. (1993), Kent (Pritchard, J.)
Bertrand Russell, Leonard Woolf and John Maynard Keynes: a biographical examination of influences, established before 1914, which dictated their reaction to the First World War.
Weston, Sally, M.A. (1993), Kent (Copley, A.R.H.)
Wingham and its region, c.1450-1650.
Andrewes, Jane, Ph.D. (1992), Kent (Butcher, A.F.)
The research school of chemistry of Adolphe Wurtz, Paris, 1853-84.
Carneiro, Ana M., Ph.D. (1992), Kent (Crosland, M.P.)