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Imaging the community: from subject to citizen state to nation? Maya identity, state terror and the rearticulation of the Guatemalan nation, 1821-1995.
Brett, Roderick L., M.Phil. (1997), Kent
British policy towards European integration: the proposal for a European Free Trade Area, June 1955 - December 1958.
Ellison, James R.V., Ph.D. (1997), Kent (Greenwood, Sean)
The port authority, labour relations and attempts at decasualization in the Port of London, 1909-39.
Howson, Joyce C., M.Phil. (1997), Kent (Lovell, John C.)
The portrayal of women in the cartoons of William Kerridge Haselden.
Kindred, Judith S., M.A. (1997), Kent (Cunningham, Hugh St. C.; Welch, David A.)
Financing economic growth and development in Jamaica, 1960-92.
La Corbinière, Bernard F.C., Ph.D. (1997), Kent
Heterodox and orthodox piety in Tenterden, c.1420-c.1540.
Lutton, Robert G.A., Ph.D. (1997), Kent (Butcher, Andrew F.)
The development of Labour party thinking on the civil service, 1945-95: ideological and programmatic or intuitive and reactive?
Stone, Neal T., M.Phil. (1997), Kent
The nature and extent of Catholic recusancy in Elizabethan Kent.
Warren, Catherine M., M.A. (1997), Kent (Roberts, Peter R.)
Iconoclasm, ecclesiology and 'the beauty of holiness': concepts of sacrilege and the 'peril of idolatry' in early modern England, c.1590-1642.
Yorke, Peter D., Ph.D. (1997), Kent (Fincham, Kenneth C.)
Continuity and conflict: the struggle for political rights in 18th-century Geneva.
Bennett, Angela C., Ph.D. (1996), Kent (Church, Clive H.)
The life and times of James George Beaney, M.D. (1828-91).
Blackamore, Michael J., M.Phil. (1996), Kent (Armstrong, William A.)
Aspects of Elgar's reception in England, 1918-34.
Gardiner, John P., M.A. (1996), Kent (Cunningham, Hugh St.C.)
The role of the lord warden in the administration of the Cinque Ports in the 16th century.
Hill, J. Alec, M.A. (1996), Kent (Peter R.)
Images of Germany as portrayed in the cartoons of William Kerridge Haselden, 1905-18.
Little, David J., M.A. (1996), Kent (Cunningham, Hugh St.C.; Welch, David A.)
The rich and the poor: Jewish philanthropy and social control in 19th-century London.
Rozin, Mordechai, Ph.D. (1996), Kent
'Over there', 1944-5 - Americans in the Liberation of France: their perceptions of and relations with France and the French.
Thomson, Andrew A., Ph.D. (1996), Kent (Welch, David A.)
The British technological crusade to post-Crimean Turkey: electric telegraphy, railways, naval shipbuilding and armament technologies.
Bektas, Yakup, Ph.D. (1995), Kent (Smith, C.W.)
Lords, lands and livelihood: a study of the composition and management of the small gentry estate in Kent, c.1246-1348, with particular reference to the lesser lay tenants-in-chief.
Everett, Vaughan, Ph.D. (1995), Kent (Butcher, A.F.)
Aspects of parochial religion in 17th-century Kent: the evidence of churchwardens' accounts.
Hitchman, Valerie A., M.A. (1995), Kent (Fincham, K.C.)
Somerset Place to Whitehall: reforming the civilian departments of the navy, 1830-34.
MacDougall, Philip, Ph.D. (1995), Kent (Ditchfield, G.M.)