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The political impact of the Egyptian press: a comparative study of the role of the Egyptian press before and after the 1952 revolution, 1923-70.
Dabbous, I.A., Ph.D. (1992), Kent
Philosophers and artisans: the relationship between men of science and instrument-makers in London, 1820-60.
Ginn, William T., Ph.D. (1992), Kent (Smith, C.W.)
Engineering science in Glasgow: W.J.M. Rankine and the motive power of air.
Marsden, Ben, Ph.D. (1992), Kent (Smith, C.W.)
`Dowding should go': changes in leadership, strategy and tactics in Bomber Command during the Battle of Britain.
Ray, John P., Ph.D. (1992), Kent (Hurstfield, J.G.)
Policy and process: a comparative approach to slave emancipation in the British West Indies, 1823-34, and the United States, 1861-5.
Rushford, Claire, M.A. (1992), Kent (Turley, D.M.)
Feminism and the French Revolution of 1848.
Toyoshima, Tomoko, M.A. (1992), Kent (Fortescue, W.A.I.)
Local government, law and order in a pre-Reform Kentish parish: Farningham, 1790-1834.
Black, Shirley M.B., Ph.D. (1991), Kent (Whyman, J.; Keith-Lucas, B.)
Eden, the Foreign Office and the war in Indo-China, 1951-4.
Ruane, Kevin J., Ph.D. (1991), Kent
Royal Air Force assistance to the Soviet Union, June 1941 - June 1942.
Titley, P.J., M.A. (1991), Kent
The Entente Cordiale and the delimitation of Albania: Anglo-French relations in the south-western Balkan peninsula, 1912-14.
Tomlinson, Nigel G., M.A. (1991), Kent (Crampton, R.J.)
Deal and the Deal boatmen, c.1840-c.1880
Bower, Jacqueline M., Ph.D. (1990), Kent (Whyman, J.)
The image and realities of opium use in the later 19th and first half of the 20th centuries, with special reference to the working classes of Lancashire and Cheshire
Crane, Bettina S., Ph.D. (1990), Kent (Cunningham, H.St.C.)
The National Guard (Blueshirts) and August 1933
Cronin, M.J., M.A. (1990), Kent (Crampton, R.J.)
Physics in France, c.1850-1914: its national organization, characteristics and content.
Davis, J.L., Ph.D. (1990), Kent (Crosland, M.P.)
British economic and social history during the inter-war years, with particular reference to the problem of unemployment
Glynn, S., Ph.D. (1990), Kent
The civic elite of Sandwich, Kent, 1568-1640
Ollerenshaw, Z., M.Phil. (1990), Kent
Competition, quality and survival: B.B.C. television, 1936-90
Riera, F.G. (1990), Kent
Sunset over the Red Ensign: the decline of British deep-sea shipping, 1945-89
Shore, P., Ph.D. (1990), Kent (Smith, C.W.)
Liverpool and the American trade, 1865-90
Cooper. , A.J., Ph.D. (1989), Kent (Bolt, Christine A.)
Precision measurement and the genesis of physics teaching laboratories in Victorian Britain
Gooday. , G., Ph.D. (1989), Kent (Smith, C.W.)