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The North-Eastern Railway, 1854-80: a study in railway consolidation and competition.
Brooke, D., Ph.D. (1971), Leeds (Taylor, A.J.)
The development of collective bargaining in the cotton spinning industry, 1893-1914.
Dyson, R.F., Ph.D. (1971), Leeds (Williams, J.E.)
The central Chinese-Soviet area: some aspects of its organization and administration, November 1931 - October 1934.
Lotveit, T., Ph.D. (1971), Leeds
Richard II's relations with the magnates, 1396-9.
Mott, R.A.K., Ph.D. (1971), Leeds (Taylor, J.)
Public disorders in Rome under the early Principate.
Newbold, R. F., Ph. D. (1971), Leeds (Birley, A. R.)
A catalogue of the acts of the Lord Edward, 1254-72.
Studd, J. R., Ph.D. (1971), Leeds (Le Patourel, J.H.)
Yorkshire newspapers, 1740-1800, as a source of art history.
Artley, A.F., M.Phil. (1970), Leeds (Noach, A.)
The Fenland abbeys in the 10th and 11th centuries.
Bailey, Eileen P., Ph. D., Leeds (Sawyer, P.H.)