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The impact of the Second World War on Anglo-Jewry.
Saunders, Katherine, M.A. (2007), Leeds
Eighteenth-century British erotic literature: a reassessment.
Skipp, Jennifer A., Ph.D. (2007), Leeds
Estonia's Russian-speaking population, 1987-2005: origins, identity transformation and the European Union.
Zdanowski, Michael, Ph.D. (2007), Leeds
Music and power at the English court, 1575-1624.
Anderson, Susan L., Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
Images of Constantinople in Russian history.
Aylett, Katharine S., Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
Boys of England and Edwin J. Brett, 1866-99.
Banham, Christopher M., Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
An analysis of British strategy in Northern Ireland, August 1971-June 1974.
Bruce, Lee, M.A. (2006), Leeds
Pope John XXII and the Franciscan ideal of poverty.
Brunner, Melanie, Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
Bowers Row: a mining community in the making, 1865-1955.
Colgan, Joan, M.A. (2006), Leeds
Politics in Keighley, 1927-32.
Dredge, Keith E., M.A. (2006), Leeds
Brunei’s political development, 1966-84: challenges and difficulties over its security and survival.
Haji Abu Bakar, Nani S., Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
A historical review of the rise and decline of trade in the Red Sea region and the east coast of Africa during the 19th century.
Isap, Firdaus, M.A. (2006), Leeds
The history of Carlton in Coverdale, 1086-1910.
Joynes, Nora E., Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
The history of the cement industry of Guangdong Province, China, 1906-38.
Ko, Humphrey M.-H., M.A. (2006), Leeds
The transmission, reception and use of information about and idea of the Indies in Europe, c.1250-1450.
O'Doherty, Marianne, Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
Urban society and communal independence in 12th-century southern Italy.
Oldfield, Paul, Ph.D. (2006), Leeds
The development of the east Leeds housing estates, 1912-40.
Owens, David, M.A. (2006), Leeds
Rewriting the Bible: a study of 14 reception-histories of biblical stories.
Swindell, Anthony, Ph.D. (2006), Leeds (Elliott, Keith; Mellor, Philip A.)
Anglo-American relations in connection with the application and early membership of the European Economic Community, 1969-75.
Ward, Steven J., M.A. (2006), Leeds
The reception of the works of Baron d'Holbach in France, 1752-89.
Curran, Mark D., Ph.D. (2005), Leeds (Burrows, Simon F.)