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Fascist Italy and the Middle East, 1935-40.
Arielli, Nir, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds (Gooch, John)
Capital punishment in northern England, 1750-1900.
Bentley, David R., M.A. (2008), Leeds (Chase, Malcolm S.; Withington, Phil J.)
Community leisure in Halifax between c.1850 and 1918.
Cheetham, Gary, M.A. (2008), Leeds (Chartres, John A.)
Imaginative economies: the woman reader and society, 1789-1820.
De Ritter, Richard, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds
Editing and analysing The Rule of the Master.
Gometz, Abigail, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds (Wood, Ian N.; Flynn, William)
The development of Britain's airborne forces during the Second World War.
Greenacre, John, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds (Gooch, John; Childs, John C.R.)
Between rhetoric and activism: Marxism and feminism in the All India Democratic Women's Association, 1981-2006.
Kranz, Susanne, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds (Gould, William R.; Honeyman, Katrina)
The British government and Ulster Unionism, 1969-1974.
Ledger, Andrew, M.A. (2008), Leeds (Whiting, Richard C.)
Life, thought and work of Herbert Hensley Henson: establishment and disestablishment in the Church of England, 1886-1935.
Peart-Binns, John Stuart, Ph.D. (2008), Leeds (Green, Simon J.D.)
Miles juvenis: the upbringing and training of young knights in aristocratic society in the 12th and 13th centuries.
Rau, Yeu-Chian (Iris), M.Phil. (2008), Leeds (Loud, Graham A.)
Medina in the Ayyūbid period and the Shi'a influence upon it.
Salamah, Salah A., Ph.D. (2008), Leeds
The western religious orders in medieval Greece.
Tsougarakis, Nickiphoros I., Ph.D. (2008), Leeds (Loud, Graham; Lock, Peter)
English keyboard sources and their contexts, c.1660-1720.
Woolley, Andrew L., Ph.D. (2008), Leeds
Oman: between independence and colonial control, 1970-6.
Worrall, James E., Ph.D. (2008), Leeds
The Labour party and impact of war, 1939-45.
Crowcroft, Robert, Ph.D. (2007), Leeds
Roman influences in Anglo-Saxon Britain.
Dailey, Erin T., M.A. (2007), Leeds
Household management and the aristocratic woman in the Yorkshire country house, 1680-1815.
Day, Julie, Ph.D. (2007), Leeds
The policy of the Heath government towards the United States.
Diamond, Neil, Ph.D. (2007), Leeds
Beyond the East River: the Roebling family in the 19th century.
Giles, Hannah E., M.A. (2007), Leeds
Liberalism against democracy: a study of the life, thought and work of Robert Lowe, to 1867.
Ingham, Christopher, Ph.D. (2007), Leeds