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Seeing Europe through the nation: the role of national self-images in the perception of European integration in the English, German and Dutch press in the 1950s and 1990s.
de Roode, Sven L. Ragnar , Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
Unearthing rule: mining, power and the political ecology of extraction in colonial Zambia.
Frederiksen, T., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
Small animal practice in British veterinary medicine, 1920-56.
Gardiner, Andrew A., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Worboys, Michael)
The emergence and development of Wesleyanism in Norwich, 1754-1802.
Hart, D.J., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
Death, gender and the citizen in Britain in the First World War.
Hughes, Anne Marie C., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny; Strange, Julie Marie)
The interplay of charity and theology, 'c'.1700-1900.
Lansley, John Waring, Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
‘Moving west’: the transfer of Kresy Poles to post-Yalta Poland: urban reconstruction and historical memory.
Lash, Christopher, Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Gatrell, Peter)
Picturing knowledge: N.A.S.A.'s pioneer plaque, Voyager record and the history of interstellar communication, 1957-77.
Macauley, W.R., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
Centring the computer in the business of banking: Barclays Bank and technological change, 1954-74.
Martin, I., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
On being young and left wing in the Thirties: the memory of a younger world.
Maslen, Joseph, Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny; Morgan, Kevin)
The World Council of Churches and 'ecumenical consciousness': how the constitutional responsbility of fostering 'ecumenical consciousness' has been reflected in the World Council of Churches' educational and formational activities, 1948-2006.
Oxley, S.J., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
Exotic animals in 18th-century England.
Plumb, Christopher, Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Pickstone, John V.; Alberti, Sam)
The housewife and the modern: the home and appearance in women's magazines, 1954-69.
Ritchie, Rachel, Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny)
'Wheels, sails and steam': an examination of the impact of transport communications on Emsworth's economy and society, 1750-1901.
Rogers, M., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
Church and chapel: parish ministry and Methodism in Madeley, 'c'.1760-1786, with special reference to the ministry of John Fletcher.
Wilson, D.R., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
Becoming 'Irish': the materiality of transcultural identities in the later Irish iron age.
Wilson, J., Ph.D. (2010), Manchester
The death of glamour or the glamorisation of death: 1926-69?
Yorston, Caroline, Ph.D. (2010), Manchester (Jones, Max)
A comparative analysis of the palaeography of the manuscripts containing the Æthelwoldian translation of Regula Sancti Benedicti written in England.
Álvarez López, Francisco J., Ph.D. (2009), Manchester
Remembrance tuk me be the hand': memory and the cultivation of national identity in late medieval texts.
Ash, Kate, Ph.D. (2009), Manchester
Cancer and the individual in Britain, 1850-2000.
Baines, Joanna E., Ph.D. (2009), Manchester (Pickstone, John V.)