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Individualism in Roman society 200 B.C.-A.D. 212: a study of the person, personal rights and law in the light of modern political theory.
Mason, Nils, Ph.D. (2008), Manchester (Beagon, Mary)
Flights of imagination: episodes in the development of the British navigable airship, 1900-30.
Neilson, Christopher J., Ph.D. (2008), Manchester
An arrow from a quiver'. Written instruction for a reading people: John Wesley's Arminian Magazine (January 1778-February 1791).
Prosser, Barbara, Ph.D. (2008), Manchester
Sex, statistics and soldiers: new approaches to the demography of Roman Egypt, 28 B.C.-259 A.D.
Pudsey, April, Ph.D. (2008), Manchester (Parkin, Tim)
Contesting respectability: sexuality, corporeality and non-'Bhadra' cultures in colonial Bengal.
Ray, Bidisha, Ph.D. (2008), Manchester (Ghosh, Anindita)
Viking-age settlements in north-west England: a re-consideration.
Watson, Richard, Ph.D. (2008), Manchester (Higham, Nicholas)
Piercing the 'veil': smallpox vaccination and the 'Philadelphia Negro' struggle for agency.
De Lancey, Dayle, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
Alienation and rebellion in Roman Italy 79-60 BC.
Harrison, Ian, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
Livy's battle descriptions and the nature of Roman mid-Republican heavy infantry combat.
Koon, Sam, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
The reconstruction of life sciences in academia, 1950-2000.
Lancelot, Gael, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
Sex, statistics and soldiers: new approaches to the demography of Roman Egypt (28 B.C.-259A.D.)
Pudsey, April, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
Land, property and power in Anglo-Saxon England c.600 to c.800.
Ryan, Martin, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
The history of gastroenterology in the U.K., with special reference to north-west England.
Shreeve, David, M.Phil. (2007), Manchester
Forgotten sisters: gender and factory legislation in England, c.1870-1900.
Takeuchi, Keiko, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
Strawberry Recording Studios and the development of recording studios in Britain, 'c.'1967-93.
Wadsworth, Peter J., Ph.D. (2007), Manchester (Taithe, Bertrand O.)
The spectacle of the city in Manchester and Liverpool, 1920-40.
Wildman, Charlotte, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
Authority and pedagogy in Hermann of Reichenau's De octo vitiis principalibus.
Williams, Hannah, Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
Chronicles of Isidore of Seville.
Wood, Jamie P., Ph.D. (2007), Manchester
A study of the early recorded place-names of the South Cumbria area.
Corrigan, Linda M., Ph.D. (2006), Manchester
The culture of Russian and Soviet diplomacy, Lamsdorf to Litvinov, 1900-39.
Kocho-Williams, Alastair M., Ph.D. (2006), Manchester