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State education policy in the Ottoman empire during the Tanzimat period, 1839-76.
Baysan, Ibrahim Vehbi, Ph.D. (2004), Manchester
Social role of the Lads' Clubs in Manchester, 1880s-1914.
Clark, Joan, Ph.D. (2004), Manchester
The science-industry relationship: the case of electrical engineering in Manchester, 1914-60.
Cooper, Tim, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Hughes, Jeff A.)
The cult of St. Thecla in Anglo-Saxon England.
Franc, Catherine A., Ph.D. (2003), Manchester
Lesbian identities in Britain 1945-70: personal testimonies and the construction of post-war lesbian history.
Jennings, Rebecca, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Vernon, N. James)
The invisible man? Problematising gender and male medicine in Britain and America, 1800-1950.
O'Neill, Tim, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Cooter, Roger J.)
Rethinking the history of ethology: French animal behaviour studies in the Third Republic, 1870-1940.
Thomas, Marion, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Harwood, Jonathan H.)
Use, refuse or lock them up? A history of Italian academic refugees in Britain, 1930-50.
Turchetti, Simone, Ph.D. (2003), Manchester (Hughes, Jeff A.)
From Eisenhower to Kennedy: the United States' policy of accommodating the United Arab Republic, 1958-63.
Al-Otaiby, Sattam, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Lowe, Peter C.; Feroz A.K. Yasamee)
A study of personal combat in the ancient world.
Amin, Ibrahim S., M.Phil. (2002), Manchester (Cornell, Timothy J.)
The language of Conservatism in Lancashire between the wars: a study of Ashton-under-Lyne, Chorley, Clitheroe, Royton and South Salford.
Dearling, James, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Vernon, N. James)
The institution of police in Britain, c.1750-1856: a study in historical governmentality.
Dodsworth, Francis, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Joyce, Patrick J.)
The role of Lancashire coroners in the 19th century.
Glasgow, Gordon, M.Phil. (2002), Manchester (Vernon, N. James; Burney, Ian A.)
'Between work and sleep': leisure and civil society in inter-war Britain.
Grand, Philippa, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Summerfield, Penny)
The puerperal fever controversies: a study of 'Enlightenment science' in British medicine, 1760-1850.
Hallett, Christine, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Pullan, Brian S.)
Derrida and the Holocaust.
Jacobson, Simon, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Joyce, Patrick J.)
The 'independent man' in English political culture, 1760-1832.
McCormack, Matthew, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (O'Gorman, Francis)
Ottomon Muslims in the Venetian republic, 1573-1645: contracts, connections and restrictions.
Ortega, Stephen, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Pullan, Brian S.; Imber, Colin H.)
The government of the eye: light technology, liberalism and the Victorian city, 1840-1900
Otter, Christopher, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Joyce, Patrick J.)
Investigating character in England, c.1880-1914.
Roberts, Nathan, Ph.D. (2002), Manchester (Rose, Michael E.)