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The impact of the Nazi-Soviet pact and its aftermath: Labour and the Left, August 1939-June 1941
Alberti, J., M.A. (1982), Newcastle
Rome's relations with Parthia, c.92 B.C.-c.230 A.D
Dover, K., M.Litt. (1982), Newcastle
Suffolk: the political behaviour of the county and its parliamentary boroughs from the Exclusion Crisis to the accession of the house of Hanover
Murrell, Patricia E., Ph.D. (1982), Newcastle (Speck, W.A.)
The development of the glass industry on the rivers Tyne and Wear, 1700-1900
Ross, C.M., Ph.D. (1982), Newcastle
A history of the lead manufacturing industry in Great Britain, 1778-1980, with special reference to the constituent companies of Associated Lead Manufacturers Ltd
Rowe, D.J., Ph.D. (1982), Newcastle
The debate on the English theatre, 1690-1740
Hopes, J., Ph.D. (1981), Newcastle (Speck, W.A.)
Developments in the newspaper press of Northumberland and Durham, 1906-39
Plouman, Susan J., Ph.D. (1981), Newcastle (McCord, N.)
The military defence of the British provinces in its later phases
Welsby, D., Ph.D. (1981), Newcastle (Gillam, J.P.)
Aspects of Roman archery.
Coulston, J., M. Phil. (1980), Newcastle (Daniels, C. M.)
The administration of the poor law in the Gateshead Union, 1836-1930.
Manders, F.W.D., M.Litt. (1980), Newcastle (McCord, N.)
Athenian politics from the victory of Salamis until the dispatch of aid to Inaros.
Milton, M. P., Ph. D. (1980), Newcastle
Sir Joshua Girling Fitch, 1824-1903: a study in the formation of English educational opinion.
Robertson, A.B., Ph.D. (1980), Newcastle (Wallis, P.J.)
The 1892 election in the Tyneside area.
Kitchen, L., M.Litt. (1979), Newcastle
The spatial dynamics of British urban systems, 1801-1971.
Moffatt, I., Ph. D. (1979), Newcastle
The character or rural settlement and exploitation of the landscape in central and southern Italy under the late Republican and Roman empire.
Mould, Alison, M. Phil (1979), Newcastle (Daniels, C. M.)
The Manchester Socinian controversy, its background and its sequel.
Tindall, P.N., M.Litt. (1979), Newcastle
Hugh of Digne (d. c.1255) in relation to religious and social development in southern France.
Bershas, Joan E., M.Litt. (1978), Newcastle (Murray, A.)
Count Zinzendorf in London: a study in 18th-century religious life.
Bond, E.H., M.Litt. (1978), Newcastle (Cannon, J.A.)
Working-class representatives on elective local authorities on Tyneside, 1883-1921.
Hunter, I.G., M.Litt. (1978), Newcastle (McCord, N.)
The progressive improvement of Sunderland harbour and the river Wear, 1717-1859.
Miller, S.T., M. A. (1978), Newcastle