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Labour and industrial organization in the Indian coalmining industry, 1900-39.
Simmons, C.P., D.Phil. (1974), Oxford (Mathias, P.)
The common origin of the Scandinavian kingdoms of York and Dublin.
Smyth, A.P., D.Phil. (1974), Oxford (Wallace-Hadrill, J.M.)
Popular religion in Norwich, with special reference to the evidence of wills, 1370-1532.
Tanner, N.P., D. Phil. (1974), Oxford (Pantin, W.A.)
Archbishop John Williams: politics and prerogative law, 1621-42.
Thomas, G.W., D. Phil. (1974), Oxford (Pennington, D.H.)
Thirteenth-century mathematical astronomy: De plana sphere Jordani.
Thomson, R.B., D.Phil. (1974), Oxford (North, J.D.)
The Emperor Valentinian I.
Tomlin, R. S. O., D. Phil. (1974), Oxford (Brown, P. R. L.)
The Greek army in politics, 1922-35.
Veremis, T., D. Phil. (1974), Oxford (Campbell, J.K.)
The Irish policies of the second Gladstone government, 1880-5.
Warren, A.J., D.Phil. (1974), Oxford (Mcintyre, A.D.)
British officials and the Arab-Jewish conflict in Palestine, 1917-29.
Wasserstein, B.M.J., D.Phil. (1974), Oxford (Monroe, Elizabeth; Hourani, A.H.)
Henry Bourgchier, earl of Essex and his family, 1408-83.
Woodger, Linda S., D. Phil. (1974), Oxford (Harriss, G.L.)
The Protestant cause: religious alliance with the W. European Calvinist communities as a political issue in England, 1585-1630.
Adams, S.L., D. Phil. (1973), Oxford (Hill, J.E.C.)
A study of the Bengal peasants, 1765-1812.
Ahmed, S.U., B.Litt. (1973), Oxford (Davies, C.C.)
A critical edition of the life of St. Samuel of Kalaman in the Pierpont Morgan Library, Coptic Codex no. 578, with translation, commentaries and a historical study of the saint and his times.
Alcock, A., D. Phil (1973), Oxford (Barnes, J. W. B.)
The organization and administration of the Tudor office of ordanance.
Ashley, R., B. Litt. (1973), Oxford (Davies, C.S.L.)
The export performance of the Sudanese economy in the context of its development, 1900-67.
Beshai, A.A., D.Phil. (1973), Oxford (Jackson, E.F.)
The Lancashire gentry, 1625-60.
Blackwood, B.G., D. Phil. (1973), Oxford (Thirsk, I. Joan)
The intendants of Richelieu and Mazarin, 1624-61.
Bonney, R.J., D. Phil. (1973), Oxford (Prestwich, Menna)
Sir Ralph Verney and his estates, 1630-96.
Broad, J.P.F., D. Phil. (1973), Oxford (Ramsay, G.D.)
British influence on Maltese development, 1919-33.
Bugeja, J.D., B. Litt. (1973), Oxford (Knapp, W.F.)
The powers and functions of proconsuls in the Roman empire, 70-260 A.D.
Burton, G. P., D. Phil (1973), Oxford (Millar, F. G. B.)