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William Weddell and Yorkshire politics.
Sayer, M.J., B. Litt. (1976), Oxford (Mitchell, L.G.)
Conditions of life and work in London, c.1770-1820, with special reference to East London.
Schwarz, L.D., D.Phil. (1976), Oxford (Mathias, P.)
Crisis and change in the development of the East India Company's affairs, 1760-73.
Shearer, T., D.Phil. (1976), Oxford (Sutherland, Lucy S.)
Characteristics of political life in the Greek cities, c. 70-120 A.D., with reference to later developments.
Shepard, A. R. R., B. Litt. (1976), Oxford (Gray, F. W.)
The German judiciary, 1918-33.
Southern, D.B., D. Phil. (1976), Oxford (Cohn, E.J.)
Some aspects of village life in 18th-century Glamorgan.
Suggett, R.F., B.Litt. (1976), Oxford (Lienhardt, P.A.)
The Brigittine monastry of Syon, Middlesex, with special reference to its monastic usages.
Tait, M.B., D. Phil. (1976), Oxford (Catto, R.J.A.I.)
Lloyd George's private secretariat, 1917-18.
Turner, J.A., D.Phil. (1976), Oxford (Gilbert, M.J.)
The influence of new weapons systems upon British imperial defence policy 1935-41, with special reference to the Mediterranean theatre.
Turner, N.R., D.Phil. (1976), Oxford (Howard, M.E.)
Peasant problems in Bolivian politics, 1936-46, with particular reference to the Department of Cochabamba.
Untiveros, Doris A. Butron, B.Litt. (1976), Oxford (Whitehead, L.A.)
West, J. M. I., B. Litt. (1976), Oxford (Millar, F. G. B.)
The Aborigines' Protection Society and the safeguarding of African interests in Rhodesia, 1889-1930.
Whitehead, Rachel M., D.Phil. (1976), Oxford (Trapido, S.)
The archaeology and early history of Chios.
Yalouris, E., D. Phil. (1976), Oxford (Boardman, J.)
A study of some of the factors that may have influenced decision-making by Stockport Borough Council, 1835-1935.
Young, Katherine A., D.Phil. (1976), Oxford
Patterns of industrialization and economic dualism in post-unification Italy: a cross-section analysis of the situation c.1911.
Zamagni, Vera, D. Phil. (1976), Oxford (Hartwell, R.M.)
Chronography and early Greek history.
Ball, R. N., D. Phil (1975), Oxford (Jeffery, Lilian R.)
Social changes in the Ismaili society of East Africa, with reference to the Imamat of the four successive Aga Khans.
Bhatia, Z.G., B.Litt. (1975), Oxford (Freedman, M.)
An ethnographic survey of the modern Lacandon, with special reference to their neighbours in the Usumacinta and Pasion drainage during the 16th and 17th centuries.
Bormanse, D., B.Litt. (1975), Oxford (Riviere, P.G.)
The origin and development of the curial orders of chivalry, 1330-1470.
Boulton, D'A.J.D., D. Phil. (1975), Oxford (Armstrong, C.A.J.)
Suetonius's Life of Nero: a historical commentary.
Bradley, K. R., B. Litt. (1975), Oxford (Sherwin-White, A. N.)