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Popular education and Salazar's regime, 1926-39.
Coelho, Maria F.C. Pinto, D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Halsey, A.H.)
The role and contribution of the cabinet committees in the working of the cabinet, 1929-35.
Cragg, C.T., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Chester, D.N.)
The chronicle of Count Marcellinus in its contemporary and historiographical context.
Croke, B. F., D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Matthews, J. F.)
Kerman in the later 19th century: a regional study of society and social change.
de Groot, Joanna C., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Owen, E.R.J.)
Isabella, queen of England, 1296-1330.
Doherty, P.C.D., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Maddicott, J.R.L.)
Thomas Netter of Walden, O.C., c.1372-1440.
Dubois, D.J., M. Litt. (1978), Oxford (Catto, R.J.A.I.)
The social content of the Utopias of the Renaissance.
Eliav, Miriam, D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Trevor-Roper, H.R.)
Gladstone's policy toward the colonies, 1833-55.
Farnsworth, Susan H., B.Litt. (1978), Oxford (Robinson, R.E.)
The economic effects of the Roman army on southern Numidia.
Fentress, Elizabeth W. B., D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Frere, S. S.; Cunliffe, B. W.)
A biography of Richard Neile, 1562-1640.
Foster, A.W., D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Hill, J.E.C.)
Sixteenth-century european thought and its influence on Spanish colonial policy towards the Indians in Peru, with particular reference to the period 1532-42.
Gold, Dina J., B. Litt. (1978), Oxford (Riviere, P.G.)
Class conflict and class consciousness: coal miners in the Bochum area of the Ruhr, 1870-1914.
Hickey, S.H.F., D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Nicholls, A.J.)
An examination of the third Salisbury cabinet, 1895-1902.
Holding, J.R., B.Litt. (1978), Oxford (Blake, R.N.W.)
Philo-semitism in England, 1603-55.
katz, D.S., D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Trevor-Roper, H.R.)
Brescia, 1915-26: from liberalism to corporatism.
Kelikian, Alice A., D. Phil. (1978), Oxford (Lyttleton, N.A.O.)
The Roman Catholic church in Ireland and Sir Robert Peel's administration, 1841-6.
Kerr, D.A., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Mcintyre, A.D.)
The governance of Ireland, c.1560-1580, with particular reference to Sir Henry Sidney as chief govenor.
Langston, B., B. Litt. (1978), Oxford (Ramsay, G.D.)
The Catholic Apostolic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: a comparative study of two minority Millenarian groups in 19th-century England.
Lively, R.L., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Wilson, B.R.)
Church and society in the Norman principality of Capua, 1058-1197.
Loud, G.A., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Cowdrey, H.E.J.)
E.W.B. Nicholson (1849-1912), and his importance to librarianship.
Manley, K.A., D.Phil. (1978), Oxford (Hunt, R.W.)