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Petitions, parliament and public: an analysis of the changing nature of electoral corruption, 1868-83.
Whitehead, A.P.V., Ph.D. (1976), Southampton (Richards, P.G.; Feuchtwanger, E.J.)
The Anglo-Saxon town.
Hill, D.H., Ph. D. (1975), Southampton (Biddle, M.)
The customary land market in Bedfordshire in the 15th century.
Jones, A.C., Ph. D. (1975), Southampton (Wagstaff, A.M.)
The response of the jewish intelligentsia in Vienna to the rise of anti-semitism, with special reference to Karl Kraus.
Theobald, J.R.P., Ph. D. (1975), Southampton
Settlement in the Mani peninsula: a study in historical geography.
Wagstaff, J. M., Ph. D. (1975), Southampton (J. H. Bird)
The Romano-British black-burnished industry.
Willaims, D. F., Ph. D. (1975), Southampton (Peacock, D. P. S.)
The evacuation of English school-children during World War II: an example of the educational and social impacts, with a case-study of a reception area, W. Sussex.
Jones, E.M., M.Phil. (1974), Southampton (Douch, R.)
The emergence, development and prospects of the Workers' Educational Association, with special reference to the Southern District and the New Milton W.E.A. branch.
Booth, D.J., M.Phil. (1973), Southampton (Rees, A.M.; McKennel, A.C.)
The development of industrial organizations amongst skilled artisans in Ireland, 1780-1838.
Doyle, M.G., M.Phil. (1973), Southampton (Merson, A.L.)
The fortunes of the Whalley family of Screveton, Notts.: a study of some of its members, c.1590-1690, with special reference to Major-General Edward Whalley.
Jagger, G., M. Phil. (1973), Southampton (Merson, A.L.)
The seaborne trade of Southampton, 1600-50.
Lamb, D.F., M. Phil. (1972), Southampton (Merson, A.L.)
Economic relations between Britain and the Roman empire.
Osborne, C. W., M. Phil. (1972), Southampton (Cunliffe, B. W.; Whitaker, C. W.)
Anglo-Turkish relations, 1838-41: commercial and political aspects.
Ünal, Sevim, Ph.D. (1972), Southampton (Pavlowitch, St.K.)
Hampshire county elections and electioneering, 1734-1830.
Lowe, S., M. Phil. (1971), Southampton (Bromley, J.S.)
The attitude of British Labour members of parliament towards the Empire, 1895-1914.
Simpson-Holley, L.B., Ph.D. (1971), Southampton (Drus, Ethel)
Hermits, recluses and anchorites: a study of eremitism in England and France, c.1050-c.1250.
Duff, Jacqueline F.G., Ph.D. (1970), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.)
Eve in the renegade city: elite Jewish women's philanthropy in Chicago, 1890-1900 .
Farmer, Hannah M., Ph.D. (1970), Southampton (Schloer, Joachim)
'X' marks the spot: the history and historiography of Coleshill House, Berkshire.
Fielder, Karen, Ph.D. (1970), Southampton (Arnold, Dana)
Competing perspectives on United States domestic and foreign nuclear power policies and nuclear technology relationships with Japan, 1954-74.
McGrew, A.G., Ph.D., Southampton