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Towards reflexive practice: an assessment of the postmodern sceptical challenge to empirical historiography.
Brickley, Peter F., Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Andress, David R.; Foster, Andrew W.)
Bastard feudalism and the bishops of Winchester, c.1300-1500.
Brown, Richard, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Hicks, Michael A.; James, Thomas B.)
Territorial organisation, land use and settlement in the middle Thames valley: a study of continuity and change from the late Roman to the late Anglo-Saxon period.
Clark, Steve, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Hinton, David)
Central voices from the margins: Hannah Arendt, Eva G. Reichmann, Eleonore Sterling, Selma Stern-Täubler and German-Jewish traditions in the 20th century.
Dalby, Hannah-Villette, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Roemer, Nils)
Creativity within constraint: a study of married middle-class women's negotiation of household space, c.1870-1914.
Devonport, Alexandra, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Morgan, Susan; Behagg, Clive)
The asylums of southern England.
Johnstone, Androulla, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Richardson, Roger C.; Allen, Mark A.)
Cecil Roth and the imagination of the Jewish past, present and future in Britain, 1925-64.
Lawson, Elisa J., Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Roemer, Nils)
The role of the prior of St. John in late medieval England.
Phillips, Simon, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Hicks, Michael A.; Beaumont James, Tom)
Between assimilation and transnationalism: a socio-cultural case study of Spanish migration to Hampshire and Dorset, 1950s-70s.
Pozo-Gutiérrez, Alicia, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton
A social archaeology of medieval parish church chapels and chantries: a perspective from southern and western England.
Roffey, Simon, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Hicks, Michael A.; Reynolds, Andrew)
Professionalism and the development of military intelligence in Wellington's army, 1809-14.
Romans, Mark, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Woolgar, Christopher M.)
The changing face of Channel Islands occupation.
Smith, Hazel, Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Gregor, Neil)
Aspects of a microhistory of Sparsholt, Hampshire, in the 19th century.
Young, Roger N., Ph.D. (2005), Southampton (Allen, Mark; James, Thomas B.)
British marital fertility in the 1930s.
Eckstein, Briony, Ph.D. (2004), Southampton
Quaker women and education from the late 18th to the mid 19th century.
Leach, Camilla, Ph.D. (2004), Southampton
Cultural imperialism or cultural encounters: foreign influence through Protestant missions in Cuba, 1898-1959 - a Quaker case study.
Leimdorfer, Karen, Ph.D. (2004), Southampton
The past and the public: archaeology and the periodical press in 19th-century Britain.
Phillips, James, Ph.D. (2004), Southampton
Josephus and the Maccabean revolt.
Taverner, Stephen, Ph.D. (2004), Southampton (Pearce, Sarah J.K.)
Childhood in Anglo-Saxon and Frankish hagiography, c.A.D. 400-1000.
Tytel, Emma, Ph.D. (2004), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.; Skinner, Patricia)
Constituting the Levellers: a study of a political movement.
Woodcock, Peter S., Ph.D. (2004), Southampton