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The impact of the struggle for racial equality in the United States on British racialised relations, 1958-68.
Sanderson, Nuala M., Ph.D. (1999), Southampton (Oldfield, John R.)
The Holocaust on trial: the war crimes trials in the formation of history and memory.
Bloxham, Donald A., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
The Czechoslovak air force in the U.K., 1940-5.
Brown, Alan C., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Smith, Adrian A.)
Palmerston and the politics of foreign policy, 1846-55.
Brown, David S., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Gray, Peter H.)
The results and consequences of technical education: an historical case study of metalliferous mining education prior to 1939 with special reference to the Camborne School of Mines and the Royal School of Mines .
Dixon, David Gunthorpe, Ph.D. (1998), Southampton
The Russians on Athos, with special reference to the Prophet Elijah skete.
Fennell, Nicholas, Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Pavlowitch, Stevan K.)
The contribution of Claude Montefiore to Jewish-Christian relations around the turn of the century.
Langton, Daniel R., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
A social history of the architecture and interiors of Winchester houses, c.1660-c.1750.
May, Michael, Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (James, Thomas B.; Platt, Colin P.S.; Richardson, Roger C.)
The administration of the ulnage and subsidy on woollen cloth between 1394 and 1485, with a case study of Hampshire.
Merrick, Phoebe H., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.)
Nearly the New World: refugees and the British West Indies, 1933-45.
Newman, Joanna F., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
Nearly the New World: refugees and the British West Indies, 1933-48.
Newman-Westphal, Joanna F., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Kushner, A.R.J. (Tony))
Britain, the Balkans and the politics of the wartime alliance: great power collaboration and the pre-percentages agreement of May 1944.
Scrase, Gavin M., Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (Williams, Heather)
The 15th-century stewards' books of Southampton.
Thick, Anne, Ph.D. (1998), Southampton (James, Thomas B.; Platt, Colin P.S.)
Patterns of re-use: the transformation of monastic buildings in post-Dissolution Hertfordshire, 1540-1600.
Doggett, Nicholas D.B., Ph.D. (1997), Southampton (Platt, Colin P.S.)
'Keeping her in the family': women and gender in Southampton, c.1400-c.1600.
Jones, Sian E., Ph.D. (1997), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.)
The little-known traveller in Greece, 1600-1900: unpublished diaries, correspondence and other materials in British record offices.
Palmer, Brenda M., M.Phil. (1997), Southampton (Platt, Colin P.S.)
The workings of political patronage, 1807-65: case studies of the 1st duke of Wellington and the 3rd Viscount Palmerston.
Robson, Karen Ward, M.Phil. (1997), Southampton
The problem of boy labour and 'blind alley' occupations within the context of the labour markets of Brighton and Portsmouth, 1870-1939.
Bowden, Roy E., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton (Rule, John G.)
The development of Blue Streak [ballistic missile system]: an analysis of the role of ideas in British nuclear weapon procurement policy.
Cole, Benjamin C., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton
Small medieval towns, with special reference to Whitchurch, c.1250-1400.
Deveson, Alison M., Ph.D. (1996), Southampton (Golding, Brian J.)