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The Flemish and Walloon communities at Sandwich during the reign of Elizabeth I, 1561-1603.
Backhouse, Marcel F., Ph.D. (1992), Southampton (Duke, A.C.)
Student politics in Mexico, 1910-74.
Daniels, J.A., M.Phil. (1992), Southampton
The guardians of the poor and the administration of the poor law in S. Hampshire, 1870-1914.
Groves, Rosemary S.H., Ph.D. (1992), Southampton (Vinson, A.J.)
Catholicism in Chile: the political dimension.
Farr, M., M.Phil. (1991), Southampton
Politics and education in Costa Rica, 1880-1930.
Fischel, Astrid, Ph.D. (1991), Southampton (Colson, R.F.)
A reconstruction and measurement of landscape change: a study of six parishes in the St. Albans area.
Hunn, J.R., Ph.D. (1991), Southampton
English tin-glazed tea-ware: its origins and development, 1650-1800.
MacFarlane, Margaret C., M.Phil. (1991), Southampton (Sweetman, J.E.)
Britain, the United States and the mutual defence assistance and mutual security programmes, 1949-58.
Phippard, H. Leigh, Ph.D. (1991), Southampton
Wellington, Ireland and the Catholic question, 1807-27.
Piggott, Karen A., Ph.D. (1991), Southampton (Feuchtwanger, E.J.)
The political and historical work of Hilaire Belloc.
Wharton, Patricia M., M.Phil. (1991), Southampton (Smith, P.)
Feudal economics: a study of some aspects of lordship in southern England andnorthern France in the 10th and 11th centuries
Harfield, C.G., M.Phil. (1990), Southampton (Hinton, D.A.)
The cathedral chapter of St. Maarten at Utrecht, before the Revolt.
Moore, S.F.C., Ph.D. (1990), Southampton (Duke, A.C.)
The Ustasa movement and European politics, 1929-45.
Trifkovic, Srdjan, Ph.D. (1990), Southampton (Pavlowitch, St.K.)
The evolution of fertility in the Basque country, 1950-85.
Arregui, B., Ph.D. (1989), Southampton
The French approach to disarmament, 1920-30: policy-making process, principles and methods.
Chirouf, L., Ph.D. (1989), Southampton
The special relationship and post-war British policy towards Germany.
Croft, S.J., Ph.D. (1989), Southampton
The Portuguese in the Amazon valley, 1872-1920
da Silva, Maria Ines Abreu, Ph.D. (1989), Southampton (Colson, R.F.)
Public health in Southampton, 1848-94
Jamieson, J., M.Phil. (1989), Southampton (Vinson, A.J.)
The rhetoric of reform: Edward Bulwer and aristocratic representation in the social order, 1828-41
Oakley, J.W., Ph.D. (1989), Southampton
Travelling people in the United Kingdom
Sexton, R.D., Ph.D. (1989), Southampton (Rule, J.G.)