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Monuments to the fallen: Scottish war memorials of the Great War.
Bell, Gilbert, Ph.D. (1993), Strathclyde (Jackson, G.)
Famine and famine policy in the Central Provinces of India: the crises of 1896/7 and 1899/1900.
Keys, Nicalas, M.Phil. (1993), Strathclyde (Collins, Patricia S.)
The development of the Clyde's eastern trade, c.1815-1850.
Whitehead, Margaret, Ph.D. (1993), Strathclyde (Jackson, G.)
The Scottish Special Housing Association and housing policy in Scotland, 1937-59.
Begg, Thomas N.A., Ph.D. (1992), Strathclyde (Treble, J.H.)
English naval strategy during the Anglo-Scottish wars of the 1540s.
Clark, Susan, M.Phil. (1992), Strathclyde (Adams, S.L.)
The treatment of delinquent and potentially delinquent children and young persons in Scotland, 1866-1937.
Collin, Margaret C.J.C., Ph.D. (1992), Strathclyde (Fraser, W.H.)
The relocation of industrial communities in Ayrshire, 1919-65.
Earnshaw, Neil, M.Phil. (1992), Strathclyde (Jackson, G.)
Technical education and the economy of the West of Scotland since 1870.
Forrester, Leslie L., Ph.D. (1992), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Scottish shipbuilding and the American Civil War.
Graham, Barbara, M.Phil. (1992), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Trades councils in 20th-century Scotland.
Hatvany, Doris M., Ph.D. (1992), Strathclyde (Fraser, W.H.)
Seamen on the Clyde, 1880-1914: work and industrial relations in the Clyde shipping industry.
Paterson, Hugh T., M.Phil. (1992), Strathclyde (McIvor, A.J.; Fraser, W.H.)
The impact of the Irish revolution on the Irish community in Scotland, 1916-23.
Patterson, Iain D., M.Phil. (1992), Strathclyde (Fraser, W.H.)
Local authority improvement in housing and health in Shetland, c.1900-50.
Steele, William, M.Phil. (1992), Strathclyde (Brown, C.)
Scottish migration and emigration, 1861-1911
Brock, Jeanette M., Ph.D. (1990), Strathclyde (Devine, T.M.)
Agrarian reform on the Airlie estates in Angus and Strathmore, 1760-1850
Clapham, P., M.Phil. (1990), Strathclyde (Devine, T.M.)
Bishop Hugh MacDonald, 1699-1773: first vicar apostolic of the Highland District in his religious and social context
Dorrian. , G.M., M.Phil. (1990), Strathclyde (Devine, T.M.)
John Pullar and Sons, Ltd.: dyers and cleaners, Perth
Harding. , A.W., M.Sc. (1990), Strathclyde (Cummings, A.J.G.; Treble, J.H.)
Anti-semitism and responses to it in the West of Scotland, 1880-1939
Maitles, H., M.Phil. (1990), Strathclyde (Fraser, W.H.)
The development of the Catholic community in the Western Province (Roman Catholic dioceses of Glasgow, Motherwell and Paisley), 1878-1962
McHugh, Mary, Ph.D. (1990), Strathclyde (Treble, J.H.)
Glasgow Citizens' Theatre, 1957-69: the middle years
Paterson, A.M., Ph.D. (1990), Strathclyde