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The industrial archaeology of Sutherland: a Scottish Highland economy, 1700-1900.
Calder, S.B., M.Litt. (1974), Strathclyde (Butt, J.; Duckham, B.F.)
William Baird & Company, coal and iron masters, 1830-1914.
Corrins, R.D., Ph.D. (1974), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Social board and pupil welfare: Govan School Board, 1873-1919.
Maxwell, J.D., M.Litt. (1974), Strathclyde (Ward, J.T.)
Aspects of the Scottish Liberal party in the central Lowland belt, 1868-80.
Price, N.D., M.Litt. (1974), Strathclyde (Ward, J.T.)
The Signet Library and its librarians, 1722-1972.
Ballantyne, G.H., M.A. (1973), Strathclyde (Jones, G.)
Working-class housing in Glasgow, 1862-1902.
Bull, H.W., M.Litt. (1973), Strathclyde (Treble, J.H.)
The British Fisheries Society: its settlements and the Scottish fisheries, 1750-1850.
Hyde, E.D., Ph.D. (1973), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
The German problem in Gomulka's foreign policy, 1942-9: a case study in multi-dimensional interaction in foreign policy formulation.
Seliktar, O., Ph. D. (1973), Strathclyde (Chapmen, J.)
The politics of agrarian defence: some aspects of the historical development of agrarian political movements in Europe from the end of feudalism to the 20th century.
Urwin, D.W., Ph. D. (1973), Strathclyde
The development of school libraries in Scotland, 1658-1970.
White, D.H., M. A. (1973), Strathclyde
Glasgow merchants in colonial trade, 1770-1815.
Devine, T.M., Ph.D. (1972), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Coal mining and associated transport in Kintyre, 1750-1967.
Macmillan, N.S.C., M.Sc. (1972), Strathclyde (Duckham, B.F.; Hume, J.R.)
The Shotts Iron Company, 1800-50.
McEwan, Ann M.C., M.Litt. (1972), Strathclyde (Butt, J.)
Industrial labour and radical movements in Scotland in the 1790s.
Burns, Catherine M., M.Sc. (1971), Strathclyde (Foster, J.)