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Syndicalism and its impact in Britain, with particular reference to Merseyside, 1910-14.
Holton, R.J., D.Phil. (1973), Sussex (Yeo, C.S.)
The decline of Nayar dominance: society and politics in Travancore, 1847-1908.
Jeffrey, R.B., D.Phil. (1973), Sussex (Low, D.A.)
East Luangwa, 1895-1947: a study of the colonial land policy in the eastern province of Zambia.
Jokonya, T.J.B., D.Phil. (1973), Sussex (Brown, R.)
Alienation as a factor in political radicalism: a test based on the Miners' Federation of Great Britain, 1918-37.
Palmieri, F.L., M.Phil. (1973), Sussex (Barbu, Z.)
Political change in Rohilkand, 1932-52: a study of the relationship between provincial and district-level politicians.
Brennan, L., D.Phil. (1972), Sussex (Reeves, P.D.)
Rank and file movements and workers' control in the British engineering indsutry, 1850-1969.
Carew, A.B., M.Phil. (1972), Sussex
The Mouvement Combattant in France in the 1930s: an analysis of the nature of ancien combattant associations, their aims, activities and achievements.
Chaffey, Lynette, D. Phil. (1972), Sussex (Kedward, H.R.)
Aspects of the social history of chemical warfare in World War I.
Hewitt, S.G., M.Sc. (1972), Sussex
A history of West Nile district, Uganda: the effects of political penetration upon the eastern ALur and Lugbara between 1860 and 1959.
King, Anne G., D.Phil. (1972), Sussex (Low, D.A.)
The development of Indian political movements in South Africa, 1924-46.
Pahad, E., D.Phil. (1972), Sussex (Brown, R.)
The poor law in the area of the Eastbourne and Steyning poor law unions, 1790-1840.
Parker, D.R., M.A. (1972), Sussex
The administration of justice in a racially stratified society: South Africa, 1652-1970.
Sachs, A., D.Phil. (1972), Sussex
The Russian intelligentsia, the old believers and the sectarians, 1870-1918.
Sapiets., M. A. (1972), Sussex
Jansenist education in France in the Petites Ecoles of Port Royal, 1637-60.
Sodipo, A.O., D. Phil. (1972), Sussex
Social science and social change: a social history of some aspects of social science and social investigation in Britain, 1830-80.
Yeo, Eileen M.J., D.Phil. (1972), Sussex (Briggs, A.)
Chartered rights and vested interests: reform era politics in three Sussex boroughs, Rye, Arundel and Lewes.
Zimmeck, Meta E., M.A. (1972), Sussex (Harrison, J.F.C.)
A study of anti-semitic groups in Britain, 1918-40.
Blume, H.S.B., M.Phil. (1971), Sussex
Municipal politics in Calcutta: elite groups and the Calcutta corporation, 1875-1900.
Furedy, Christine P.M., D.Phil. (1971), Sussex (Low, D.A.)
Diplomacy of illusion: the making of British foreign policy by the cabinet, 1937-9.
Middlemas, R.K., D.Phil. (1971), Sussex (Wright, R.J.M.)
The growth of physics and its emergence as a profession in Britain, 1870-1939.
Moseley, R., M.Sc. (1971), Sussex