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The poor law in the area of the Eastbourne and Steyning poor law unions, 1790-1840.
Parker, D.R., M.A. (1972), Sussex
The administration of justice in a racially stratified society: South Africa, 1652-1970.
Sachs, A., D.Phil. (1972), Sussex
The Russian intelligentsia, the old believers and the sectarians, 1870-1918.
Sapiets., M. A. (1972), Sussex
Jansenist education in France in the Petites Ecoles of Port Royal, 1637-60.
Sodipo, A.O., D. Phil. (1972), Sussex
Social science and social change: a social history of some aspects of social science and social investigation in Britain, 1830-80.
Yeo, Eileen M.J., D.Phil. (1972), Sussex (Briggs, A.)
Chartered rights and vested interests: reform era politics in three Sussex boroughs, Rye, Arundel and Lewes.
Zimmeck, Meta E., M.A. (1972), Sussex (Harrison, J.F.C.)
A study of anti-semitic groups in Britain, 1918-40.
Blume, H.S.B., M.Phil. (1971), Sussex
Municipal politics in Calcutta: elite groups and the Calcutta corporation, 1875-1900.
Furedy, Christine P.M., D.Phil. (1971), Sussex (Low, D.A.)
Diplomacy of illusion: the making of British foreign policy by the cabinet, 1937-9.
Middlemas, R.K., D.Phil. (1971), Sussex (Wright, R.J.M.)
The growth of physics and its emergence as a profession in Britain, 1870-1939.
Moseley, R., M.Sc. (1971), Sussex
British direct investment in Canada, 1890-1914: estimates and determinants.
Paterson, D.G., D.Phil. (1971), Sussex (Supple, B.E.)
Primitive colonial accumulation in Kenya, 1919-39: a study of the processes and determinants in the development of a wage labour force.
van Zwanenberg, R., D.Phil. (1971), Sussex (Lowe, D.A.)
Family and neighbourhood in mid 19th-century Southwark.
Wainwright, D.A., M.Phil. (1971), Sussex
Association football in Brighton before 1920: a case study in the development of popular recreation.
Wilkinson, D.G., M.A. (1971), Sussex
Religion in society: a view from a provincial town [Reading] in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Yeo, C.S., D.Phil. (1971), Sussex (Briggs, A.)
Strategies for celebration: realising the ideal city in London and Paris, 1660-1715.
Tierney, Elaine A., Ph.D. (1970), Sussex (McShane, Angela; Llewellyn, Nigel; Howard, Maurice)
The county of Surrey and the English Revolution.
Gurney, John R., D.Phil., Sussex (Lamont, W.M.)