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A contextual study of Benjamin Constant's interest in polytheism and theism (1776-1806).
Carpenter, Catherine, D.Phil. (2007), Sussex
Colonial identities and visual culture: representations of the British in India, c.1785-1845.
de Silva, Prasannajit W.S., D.Phil. (2007), Sussex
Pastoral care and anti-semitism : Paul Althaus, political theology and the Christian Volksgemeinschaft, 1888-1966.
Hetzer, Tanja, D.Phil. (2007), Sussex
The sportswoman in fiction and in fact: able-bodied womanhood in Victorian literature.
Huang, Jin-ya, D.Phil. (2007), Sussex
The crown and the jewel: images of royalty and viceroyalty in the making of imperial India and Britain.
Anderson, Tracy J., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
'Never before of any man seene or knowen'? Sixteenth-century French experience and concept of the New World.
Edwards, Joanne R., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Funerary monuments of Ireland, 1560-1660 A.D.
Harris, Amy L., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Material culture, shopkeepers and artisans in 16th-century Siena.
Hohti, Paula S., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Mercurius Britanicus: journalism and politics in the English civil war.
Macadam, Angela E.J., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Unbound possessions: the circulation of used goods in Florence, c.1450-1600.
Matchette, Elizabeth A., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Continuity and change in an English rural settlement: Porchester, c.1500-c.1750.
McInnes, James, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Appropriation, representation and efficacy: three case studies of the Bodhisattva Guanyin in 17th- and 18th-century Chinese print culture.
McLoughlin, Kevin, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
The formation of the public image of the Balkans in Britain, 1912-45.
Michail, Evgenios-Panagiotis, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Sir Laurence Dudley Stamp (1898-1966), geographer and public servant: a critical biography.
Pilfold, William E., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Occupation, resistance and white terror in two Greek villages: the local origins of the civil war.
Sarafis, Evangelia, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Finding a place: librarians, local history and the search for professional and social status, 1890-1925.
Smith, Nicola L., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Drawings, dining and display in Mantua, 1500-50.
Taylor, Valerie, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
The First World War and voluntary recruitment: a forum for regional identity? An analysis of the nature, expression and significance of regional identity in Hull, 1900-14.
Townsley, Helen M., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
The social and economic impact of railway development on the coastal plain communities of Sussex during the 19th century.
Wakeford, Anthony, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Regime changes, public memory and the pursuit of justice: the case of German-speaking Jews in Bukovina, 1920-60.
Weber, Petru, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex