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A house 're-edified': Thomas Sackville and the transformation of Knole, 1605-8
Town, Edward, D.Phil. (2011), Sussex (Howard, Maurice; O'Malley, M.)
The language of the naked facts: Joseph Priestley on language and revealed religion.
Kingston, Elizabeth, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Haakonssen, Knud)
The intellectual reconstruction in the early years of the Federal Republic: Adorno and his contemporaries.
Kuo, Cheng-Lun, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex
Telling people's histories: an exploration of community history-making, 1970-2000.
Sitzia, Lorraine, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Holloway, G.I.; Langhamer, Claire L.)
Disciplining the School of Athens: censorship, politics and philosophy, Italy 1450-1600.
Tarrant, Neil J., D.Phil. (2010), Sussex (Iliffe, Robert; Whatmore, Richard D.)
Objects of evidence: colonial encounters through material culture from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands at Brighton Museum, 1858-1949.
Wintle, Claire, D.Phil. (2010), Sussex
Farming the margins: 'upland' agriculture in Westmorland, 1910-47.
Crowe, Hilary, D.Phil. (2009), Sussex (Short, B.M.; Howkins, Alun J.)
The private amusements of the aristocracy in 18th-century London.
Doderer-Winkler, Melanie, D.Phil. (2009), Sussex (Llewellyn, Nigel G.)
Politics and history in England, 1793-1832: Sir James Mackintosh and his critics.
Goodall, Andrew, D.Phil. (2009), Sussex (Vance, R.N.C.)
Neighbourhood, family and home: the working class experience in mid 20th-century Brighton.
Jones, Benjamin, D.Phil. (2009), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Langhamer, Claire L.)
The Victorian sublime': nationality and aesthetics in British culture.
Mitchard, Miles H., D.Phil. (2009), Sussex
Views from the ivory tower: 19th-century responses to the late antique and Byzantine ivories within the Liverpool ivory collection.
Rufus-Ward, Helen C., D.Phil. (2009), Sussex (James, Elizabeth A.; Clarke, Meaghan E.)
Class, gender and education in the 20th century: an exploration of education life histories of correspondents to the Mass Observation Archive.
Cairns, Teresa M., D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
Civilising the Germans: British occupation policy and the refugee and expellee crisis, 1945-9.
Graham-Dixon, Francis, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex (Betts, Paul R.; Gazeley, Ian S.)
Conservative women, the Primrose League and public activity in Surrey and Sussex, c.1880-1902.
Jesman, Christine, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex (Langhamer, Claire L.; Howkins, Alun J.)
Presenting the Pre-Raphaelites: Pre-Raphaelite art in the broadcast and print media, 1942-97.
Johnson, Chloe, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
The staging of slavery in London's theatres, 1768-1865.
Kanakamedala, Prathibha, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
Silver manufacture in London c.1680-c.1750: technique and innovation.
Le Rossignol, Peter, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex (Llewellyn, Nigel G.; James, Elizabeth A.)
The Geneva Bible and the devotional reading and writing of early modern women.
Molekamp, Femke, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex
Beyond home: housewives and the nation, private and public identities, 1939-49.
Purcell, Jennifer, D.Phil. (2008), Sussex (Langhamer, Claire L.)