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The First World War and voluntary recruitment: a forum for regional identity? An analysis of the nature, expression and significance of regional identity in Hull, 1900-14.
Townsley, Helen M., D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
The social and economic impact of railway development on the coastal plain communities of Sussex during the 19th century.
Wakeford, Anthony, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
Regime changes, public memory and the pursuit of justice: the case of German-speaking Jews in Bukovina, 1920-60.
Weber, Petru, D.Phil. (2006), Sussex
The professionalisation of philanthropy: the case of Louisa Twining, 1820-1912.
Deane, Theresa M., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Thane, Patricia M.)
A war remembered: commemoration, battlefield tourism and British collective memory of the Great War.
Edwards, Peter J., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Thomson, Alistair S.)
It's time for women of the 1950s to stand up and be counted.
Freeguard, Joyce, D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Thane, Patricia M.)
Personal and public ways of commemorating and memorialising the Great War.
Gittins, Janet E., M.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Howkins, Alun J.)
Chosen children? The legalisation of adoption in England and its aftermath, 1918-39.
Keating, Jennifer E., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Thane, Patricia M.)
Building American entrepreneurs: male commercial selves and the road to success in the U.S., 1873-1914.
Kjellander, Björn K.I., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex
Exile, identity and memory: representations of Spanish republicans in the south-west of France.
Soo, Gregory S., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Kedward, H. Roderick)
The Los Angeles N.A.A.C.P., 1914-49.
Watson, Jonathan L., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex
Paying for pedigree? British business schools and the Master of Business Administration degree.
Workman, Joanne M., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Thane, Patricia M.)
German-Jewish refugees in London and New York, 1935-45: a comparative study of adaptation and acculturation.
Bihler, Lori Gemeiner, Ph.D. (2004), Sussex
The fashions of the Florentine court: wearing, making and buying clothing, 1560-1620.
Currie, Elizabeth L., Ph.D. (2004), Sussex
'A clever little army': the British garrison in Boston, 1768-76.
Morgan, Gareth W., Ph.D. (2004), Sussex
Influence, party and electoral behaviour in Bedfordshire, 1767-1847.
Banks, Frank, D.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Brooks, Colin)
George Holroyd (1802-76), 2nd earl of Sheffield: a golden age for a country squire?
Lill, Malcom B., M.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Lowerson, John Ridley)
Tracing the development of identity politics in the perceived failure of class-based analysis: gay men and the revolutionary Left since 1967.
Robinson, Lucy, D.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Howkins, Alun John)
Young women, employment and the family in inter-war England.
Todd, Selina, D.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Thane, Patricia M.)
The trials and tribulations of Levy Emanuel Cohen, editor of the Brighton Guardian, 1827-60.
Book, Leonard, D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (Lowerson, John R.)