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The Los Angeles N.A.A.C.P., 1914-49.
Watson, Jonathan L., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex
Paying for pedigree? British business schools and the Master of Business Administration degree.
Workman, Joanne M., D.Phil. (2005), Sussex (Thane, Patricia M.)
German-Jewish refugees in London and New York, 1935-45: a comparative study of adaptation and acculturation.
Bihler, Lori Gemeiner, Ph.D. (2004), Sussex
The fashions of the Florentine court: wearing, making and buying clothing, 1560-1620.
Currie, Elizabeth L., Ph.D. (2004), Sussex
'A clever little army': the British garrison in Boston, 1768-76.
Morgan, Gareth W., Ph.D. (2004), Sussex
Influence, party and electoral behaviour in Bedfordshire, 1767-1847.
Banks, Frank, D.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Brooks, Colin)
George Holroyd (1802-76), 2nd earl of Sheffield: a golden age for a country squire?
Lill, Malcom B., M.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Lowerson, John Ridley)
Tracing the development of identity politics in the perceived failure of class-based analysis: gay men and the revolutionary Left since 1967.
Robinson, Lucy, D.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Howkins, Alun John)
Young women, employment and the family in inter-war England.
Todd, Selina, D.Phil. (2003), Sussex (Gazeley, Ian S.; Thane, Patricia M.)
The trials and tribulations of Levy Emanuel Cohen, editor of the Brighton Guardian, 1827-60.
Book, Leonard, D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (Lowerson, John R.)
The influence of English republican ideas on the political thought of the Cordelier Club.
Hammersley, Rachel, D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (Whatmore, Richard D.; Mazower, Mark A.)
The supply and utilization of vernacular building timber in the rural Sussex Weald, 1500-1800.
Kirk, Jayne C., D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (Short, Brian M.)
Victorian feminism and 'fallen' women: the campaign to repeal the Contagious Diseases Acts in Britain, 1869-86.
Lee, Sung-Sook, D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (Oldfield, Anne S.; Lowerson, John R.)
Writing the history of the Russian revolution: historiographical and theoretical approaches.
Macvarish, Kathryn A., D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (van Gelderen, Martin; Williams, Beryl J.)
Middle-class women and horticultural education, 1890-1939.
Meredith, Anne M., D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (Howkins, Alun John)
Economy to amenity: the commons of the New Forest and Ashdown Forest, 1851-1939.
Phelan, Lara J., D.Phil. (2002), Sussex (Howkins, Alun John)
Temperance and feminism in England, c.1790-1890: women's weapons - prayer, pen and platform.
Doern, Kristin G., D.Phil. (2001), Sussex
Immigrants and the New Left in France.
Gordon, Daniel A., D.Phil. (2001), Sussex
Image and reality: working-class teenage girls' leisure in Bermondsey during the inter-war period.
Milcoy, Katharine, D.Phil. (2001), Sussex
Arthur Newsholme and English public health administration, 1888-1919.
Nagashima, Takeshi, D.Phil. (2001), Sussex