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Women and the professions, 1890-1939.
Cooke, Jessica M., D.Phil. (1997), Sussex (Dyhouse, Carol A.)
Helmuth von Moltke and the German general staff: military and political decision-making.
Mombauer, Annika M., D.Phil. (1997), Sussex (Röhl, John C.G.; Williams, Beryl J.)
The political and social significance of court festivals in Lorraine, 1563-1624.
Currey, Kate F., D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (McGowan, Margaret)
John Stuart Mill and male support for the Victorian women's movement.
Dyer, Anton, D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Burrow, John W.)
The Marseille police in their context, from Popular Front to Liberation.
Kitson, Simon, D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Kedward, H. Roderick)
Peasants and politics: rural discontent in the Dipartimento del Reno, 1796-1820.
Leech, John P., D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Kedward, H. Roderick)
European royal diplomacy, 1903-8.
McClean, Roderick, D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Röhl, John C.G.)
Monarchy and diplomacy in Europe, 1900-10.
McLean, R.R., D.Phil. (1996), Sussex
War, gender and memory: the British memory of World War II.
Noakes, Lucy, D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Howkins, Alun J.)
An investigation into the history of Soviet non-fiction film, 1917-32.
Roberts, Graham, D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Williams, Beryl J.)
Concepts and representation of 'le peuple' at the end of the ancien régime.
Roberts, Sarah, D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Campbell, Peter R.)
The development of voluntary hospitals, 1850-1914.
Seager, John H.C., D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Lowerson, John R.)
The effects of the Nazi occupation on the children of Caen: a study of war and memory.
Sturdee, Jill E., D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Kedward, H. Roderick)
A common cause? Class dynamics in the industrial women's movement, 1888-1918.
Holloway, Geraldine I., D.Phil. (1995), Sussex (Yeo, Eileen M.)
Britain and the E.E.C., 1957-61: a study of liberal democracy under pressure.
Tratt, Jacqueline, D.Phil. (1995), Sussex (Middlemas, R.K.)
French resistance to the Algerian war: an oral history of motivations.
Evans, Martin J., D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Kedward, H.R.)
Irish music and dance in London, 1890-1970: a socio-cultural history.
Hall, Reginald, D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Howkins, A.J.)
Writing and literacy in 19th-century England: some uses and meanings.
Howard, Ursula, D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Hemstedt, G.C.)
The development and objectives of German southern African policy, 1893-9.
Seligmann, Matthew S., D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Röhl, J.C.G.)
Cosmo-choru-poly-grapher: an analytical account of the life and work of John Norden, 1547-1625.
Kitchen, Frank, D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Short, B.M.)