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The development of voluntary hospitals, 1850-1914.
Seager, John H.C., D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Lowerson, John R.)
The effects of the Nazi occupation on the children of Caen: a study of war and memory.
Sturdee, Jill E., D.Phil. (1996), Sussex (Kedward, H. Roderick)
A common cause? Class dynamics in the industrial women's movement, 1888-1918.
Holloway, Geraldine I., D.Phil. (1995), Sussex (Yeo, Eileen M.)
Britain and the E.E.C., 1957-61: a study of liberal democracy under pressure.
Tratt, Jacqueline, D.Phil. (1995), Sussex (Middlemas, R.K.)
French resistance to the Algerian war: an oral history of motivations.
Evans, Martin J., D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Kedward, H.R.)
Irish music and dance in London, 1890-1970: a socio-cultural history.
Hall, Reginald, D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Howkins, A.J.)
Writing and literacy in 19th-century England: some uses and meanings.
Howard, Ursula, D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Hemstedt, G.C.)
The development and objectives of German southern African policy, 1893-9.
Seligmann, Matthew S., D.Phil. (1994), Sussex (Röhl, J.C.G.)
Cosmo-choru-poly-grapher: an analytical account of the life and work of John Norden, 1547-1625.
Kitchen, Frank, D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Short, B.M.)
Concepts of virtue in 18th-century France, 1745-88.
Linton, Marisa A., D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Campbell, P.R.)
The Women's Institute Movement, 1915-60.
Morgan, Margaret R., D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Howkins, A.J.)
Anglican sisterhoods in Victorian England.
Mumm, Susan E.D., D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Cromwell, Valerie)
The management of voluntary organizations in the post-war period, with special reference to national-local relations.
Penn, Alison M.R., D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Cromwell, Valerie)
The problem of Trieste: nationalist discourses and the construction of ideas of Trieste, 1945-54.
Sluga, Glenda A., D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Kedward, H.R.)
Formations of cultural identity: art criticism, the National Gallery and the Royal Academy, 1820-63.
Trodd, Colin B., D.Phil. (1993), Sussex (Pointon, Marcia R.)
`The uplifting game': nonconformity and the working class in S. Lambeth, 1884-1903.
Davis, J.W., D.Phil. (1992), Sussex (Cromwell, Valerie)
Women's experience during and after World War II in the Toulouse area: constraints and choices.
Diamond, Hanna E., D.Phil. (1992), Sussex (Stevens, Anne F.)
Carlyle's idea of the people.
Fang, Jyh-chang, D.Phil. (1992), Sussex (Burrow, J.W.)
The limits of laissez-faire: a political economy of Lebanon, 1948-87.
Gaspard, T.K., D.Phil. (1992), Sussex (Evans, H.D.)
After the workhouse: the development of hospital services for the elderly chronic sick, 1930-74, with particular reference to the former public assistance institutions in E. Sussex.
Gaston, Harry, D.Phil. (1992), Sussex (Yeo, Eileen M.)