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Party life: an examination of the branch life of the Communist party of Great Britain between the Wars.
Gabbidon, C. Michelle, D.Phil. (1991), Sussex (Lowerson, J.R.)
The changing use of land in the Weald region of Kent, Surrey and Sussex, 1919-39.
Lockwood, Carol A., D.Phil. (1991), Sussex (Howkins, A.J.)
A town like Nelson: the social implications of technical change in a Lancashire mill town.
Ross, P., D.Phil. (1991), Sussex
Local government and politics in Devon and Cornwall, 1509-49, with special reference to the south-western rebellion of 1549.
Speight, Helen M., D.Phil. (1991), Sussex (Kitch, M.J.)
Access to and development of secondary and technical education in Brighton in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Stainwright, D.A., D.Phil. (1991), Sussex
The Great War and Australian memory: a study of myth, remembering and oral history.
Thomson, Alistair S., D.Phil. (1991), Sussex (Yeo, C.S.; Kedward, H.R.)
The early history of the telephone in England, 1877-1911.
Feuerstein, Raymond J., D.Phil. (1990), Sussex (Yeo, C.S.)
Sport and regional pride: Association Football and the North East of England, 1919-61
Hutchins. , P.G., D.Phil. (1990), Sussex (Lowerson, J.R.)
The Tichborne claimant and the people: investigations into popular culture, 1867- 86
McWilliam. , R.A., D.Phil. (1990), Sussex (Yeo, J.F.C. Harrison and C.S.)
A study of place: the N. Lincolnshire wolds, 1831-81
Rawding, C.K., D.Phil. (1990), Sussex (Short, B.M.)
A world historical-sociological perspective on the course of decolonization in Indonesia, 1945-9
Scholte, J.A., D.Phil. (1990), Sussex
Art therapists, 1940-82: becoming a profession
Waller, D.E., D.Phil. (1990), Sussex
Capital, the state and the working class in Kenya: emasculation and control of the labour movement, 1937-69
Ajulu, R., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex
The response of the French anarchist movement to the Russian revolution 1917- 24) and to the Spanish revolution and civil war 1936-9).
Berry, D.G., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Kedward, H.R.)
Parliamentary representation in Sri Lanka, 1931-86
Coomaraswamy, T., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex
The making of co-operative culture in England, 1870-1918
Gurney, P.J., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Yeo, C.S.)
Belgium, the United Nations and the colonial question, 1945-55: a study in international relations.
Lwanwa, C.L.P., Ph.D. (1989), Sussex
Forest and waste in 17th-century England: the enclosure of Ashdown Forest, 1600-1700
Merricks, Linda C., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Hawkins, M.J.)
State maintenance for women during the First World War: the case of separation allowance and pensions
Thomas, Gillian R.C., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Lowerson, J.R.)
Technology imports and the development of technological capability in the industrialization of Japan: training and research at Mitsubishi Nagasaki shipyard, 1884- 1934
Fukasaku, Y., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex