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The response of the French anarchist movement to the Russian revolution 1917- 24) and to the Spanish revolution and civil war 1936-9).
Berry, D.G., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Kedward, H.R.)
Parliamentary representation in Sri Lanka, 1931-86
Coomaraswamy, T., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex
The making of co-operative culture in England, 1870-1918
Gurney, P.J., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Yeo, C.S.)
Belgium, the United Nations and the colonial question, 1945-55: a study in international relations.
Lwanwa, C.L.P., Ph.D. (1989), Sussex
Forest and waste in 17th-century England: the enclosure of Ashdown Forest, 1600-1700
Merricks, Linda C., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Hawkins, M.J.)
State maintenance for women during the First World War: the case of separation allowance and pensions
Thomas, Gillian R.C., D.Phil. (1989), Sussex (Lowerson, J.R.)
Technology imports and the development of technological capability in the industrialization of Japan: training and research at Mitsubishi Nagasaki shipyard, 1884- 1934
Fukasaku, Y., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex
The evolution and ownership of timber-framed houses within the old parish and market catchment area of Horsham, c.1300-1650: a socio-economic survey
Hughes, Annabelle F., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex (Kitch, M.J.; Howard, M.)
Edmund Ludlow and the Good Old Cause, 1651-67
Hughes, J.H.F., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex (Lamont, W.)
The development of Bertrand Russell's social and political thought, 1895-1938
Ironside, P.A., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex
Taylorism and the scientific organization of work in Russia, 1910-25.
Jones, R.H., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex
Religion, class and faction: the politics of communalism in 20th-century Punjab.
Robinson, M., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex
'The working-class women's most active and democratic movement': the Women's Co-operative Guild, 1883-1950
Scott, Gillian A., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex (Yeo, C.S.)
The outdoor movement in England and Wales, 1900-39
Walker, Helen J., D.Phil. (1988), Sussex (Lowerson, J.R.)
An intellectual in nationalist politics: the contribution of Kobina Sekyi to the evolution of Ghanaian national consciousness
Baku, D.K., D.Phil. (1987), Sussex
Aspects of popular Catholicism in 16th-century Lucca.
Bideleux, Alison, D.Phil. (1987), Sussex (Burke, U.P.)
The state, the housing question and policy formation in Brazil, 1937-75
de Melo, M.A.B. Campelo, D.Phil. (1987), Sussex
The politics of public land in Recife, Brazil: the case of Brasilia Teimosa, 1934- 84
Fortin, C.J., D.Phil. (1987), Sussex
Structural change and labour transfer in Iran's economic development, 1900-79
Hakimian, M.H., D.Phil. (1987), Sussex
Politics and party management in the house of lords, 1846-65
Hogan, J., D.Phil. (1987), Sussex (Cromwell, Valerie)