History Lab events

History Lab runs a wide range of events for postgraduate historians throughout the academic year.

Our biweekly seminar series gives research and early-career students and opportunity to present ongoing work or research conclusions to their peers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The seminars, which take place at 5.30 pm on alternate Thursdays in the IHR, are a great way to socialise with historians who are at similar stages in their careers, always finish with drinks in the Common Room (with frequent post-seminar pub visits).

We hold events on the broader issues which postgraduate historians face, including workshops on method and skills training.

In addition, our Meet the Historian evenings allow our members to hear some of today's most prominent historians discussing their life, career, and thoughts about the discipline in an informal environment.

There are also regular social events where you can meet and talk to fellow historians and extend your network.

History Lab events

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