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book jacket: Lord Cromer - Victorian Imperialist, Edwardian Proconsul Oxford University Press

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Lord Cromer - Victorian Imperialist, Edwardian Proconsul

Roger Owen
Hardback ISBN: 0-19-925338-2

Publication date: January 2004 (hardback only)

In the heyday of Empire just before the First World War, Lord Cromer was second only to Lord Curzon in fame and public esteem. In the days when Cairo and Calcutta represented the twin poles of British power in Asia and Africa, Cromer's commanding presence seemed to radiate the essential spirit of imperial rule. In this first modern biography Roger Owen charts the life of the man revered by the British and hated by today's Egyptians, the real ruler of Egypt for a quarter of a century.

Hardback: 25, discount price 20

The Oxford History of the British Empire - Editor-in-Chief Wm. Roger Louis
Volume I: The Origins of Empire

Edited by Nicholas Canny
Hardback ISBN: 0-19-820562-7
Paperback ISBN: 0-19-924676-9
Publication date: May 1998 (hardback)

This first volume of the Oxford History of the British Empire explores the origins and first century of the empire. It ranges from its tentative beginnings in Elizabethan voyages of discovery and New World plantations, to the established colonies and trading posts of the late seventeenth-century. The chapters, by leading historians, both illustrate the interconnections between developments in Europe and overseas and offer specialist studies on every part of the world that was substantially affected by British colonial activity. As late as 1630 involvement with regions beyond the traditional confines of Europe was still tentative; by 1690 it had become a firm commitment.

Hardback: 30, discount price 24
Paperback: 16.99, discount price 13.59

The Oxford History of the British Empire Volume II: The Eighteenth Century

Edited by P. J. Marshall
Hardback ISBN: 0-19-820563-5
Paperback ISBN: 0-19-924677-7
Publication date: May 1998 (hardback)

Volume II of the Oxford History of the British Empire examines the history of British worldwide expansion from the Glorious Revolution of 1689 to the end of the Napoleonic Wars, a crucial phase in the creation of the modern British Empire. This is the age of General Wolfe, Clive of India, and Captain Cook. The international team of experts deploy the latest scholarly research to trace and analyse development and expansion over more than a century. They show how trade, warfare, and migration created an Empire, at first overwhelmingly in the Americas but later increasingly in Asia. Although the Empire was ruptured by the American Revolution, it survived and grew into the British Empire that was to dominate the world during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Hardback: 35, discount price 28
Paperback: 14.99, discount price 11.99

The Oxford History of the British Empire Volume III: The Nineteenth Century

Edited by Andrew Porter
Hardback ISBN: 0-19-820565-1
Paperback ISBN: 0-19-924678-5
Publication date: October 1999 (hardback)

Volume III covers the long nineteenth century, from the achievement of American independence in the 1780s to the eve of world war in 1914. This was the period of Britain's greatest expansion as both empire-builder and dominant world power.

Hardback: 35, discount price 28
Paperback: 14.99, discount price 11.99

The Oxford History of the British Empire Volume IV: The Twentieth Century

Edited by Judith Brown and Wm Roger Louis
Hardback ISBN: 0-19-820564-3
Paperback ISBN: 0-19-924679-3
Publication date: October 1999 (hardback)

In this volume on the last century of empire there are chapters on imperial centres, on the geographical `periphery' of empire, and on all its connecting mechanisms, including institutions and the flow of people, money, goods, and services. The volume also explores the experience of `imperial subjects' in terms of culture, politics, and economics; an experience which culminated in the growth of vibrant, often new, national identities and movements and, ultimately, new nation-states. It concludes with the processes of decolonization which reshaped the political map of the late twentieth-century world.

Hardback: 35, discount price 28
Paperback: 14.99, discount price 11.99

The Oxford History of the British Empire Volume V: Historiography

Edited by Robin Winks
Hardback ISBN: 0-19-820566-X
Paperback ISBN: 0-19-924680-7
Publication date: October 1999 (hardback)

This fifth and final volume examines the historiography of empire, investigating the shape and development of scholarly and popular opinion about the British Empire over the centuries. It discusses the ways in which public pressures, current events, the personal backgrounds of authors, the existing literature, and even the nature of university and library development have influenced writings about empire broadly, and the British Empire specifically.

Hardback: 45, discount price 36
Paperback: 16.99, discount price 13.59

book jacket: Patrons, Clients, and Empire
Chieftaincy and Over-rule in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific

Patrons, Clients, and Empire Chieftaincy and Over-rule in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific - Colin Newbury
Hardback ISBN: 0-19-925781-7
Publication date: January 2003

This is a wide-ranging comparative study of relationships between the indigenous leadership of traditional states and colonizing Europeans from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. It challenges stereotypes of despotic imperial power in Asian, African, and Pacific colonies and seeks to answer the fundamental question: how were European officials able to govern so many societies over such a long period of time? Colin Newbury examines the politics of pre-colonial state structures, their subversion by merchants and administrators, and the use made of indigenous leaders, and assesses the legacy of these colonial hierarchies.

Hardback: 50, discount price 40

John Winthrop: America's Forgotten Founding Father

Francis J. Bremer
ISBN: 0-19-514913-0
Publication date: June 2003

In this new biography, Francis J. Bremer vividly paints the life of John Winthrop as a disappointed and disaffected member of the English elite, examining how and why Winthrop and others decided to cross the Atlantic and found the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Bremer shows how Winthrop developed the skills to become the first governor of the colony and the pre-eminent figure in early New England history.

Hardback: 25, discount price 20

'Englishmen Transplanted':The English Colonization of Barbados 1627-1660

Larry Gragg
ISBN: 0-19-925389-7
Publication date: August 2003

'Englishmen Transplanted' challenges the widely accepted view of seventeenth-century Barbados planters as reckless fortune seekers who failed to create a viable society in the tropics. Rather, it argues they were settlers eager to transplant what was familiar to them: political and religious institutions, the nuclear family, and traditional views about social order, housing, and apparel.

Hardback: 45, discount price 36

News and the British World The Emergence of an Imperial Press System 1876-1922
Simon J. Potter
ISBN: 0-19-926512-7
Publication date: August 2003

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa were increasingly drawn together by an imperial press system. This is the first scholarly study of the development of that system. Simon J. Potter examines key debates during episodes such as the South African War and the First World War, and reveals the ambiguous impact of the system on local, national, and imperial identities.

Hardback: 50, discount price 40

The Lion and the Tiger The Rise and Fall of the British Raj

Denis Judd
ISBN: 0-19-280358-1
Publication date: March 2004

The British experience with India began in earnest over four hundred years ago, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. For many years the English interlopers and traders who made contact with the subcontinent were viewed by Indians as little more than pirates and potentially troublesome, conquering barbarians. After a series of titanic struggles against the French and various local rulers during the eighteenth century, by the end of the Napoleonic Wars Britain had gained mastery of the subcontinent. This period, and the century and a half that followed, saw two powerful cultures locked in an often bloody battle over political control, land, trade and a way of life.

Hardback: 14.99 (no discount)

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