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the guide to historical resources • Issue 7: The Holocaust •

The Holocaust

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Stated Memory: East Germany and the Holocaust
Thomas C. Fox
ISBN: 1571131299 (2001)

Stated Memory: East Germany and the Holocaust investigates communist Germany's attempt to explain the Holocaust within a framework that was at once German and Marxist. The book probes the contradictions and self-deceptions arising from East Germany's official self-understanding as an enlightened, modern society in which Jewishness did not constitute 'difference' or otherness. The study examines East German historiography of the Holocaust, including its reflection in schoolbooks; analyses East German concentration camp memorials; discusses the situation of Jews who remained in East Germany; and surveys East German cinematic and literary responses to the Nazi murder of the Jews. The book shows that regardless of the sincerity of the individuals involved in constructing these various forms of memory, the state attempted to orchestrate Holocaust discourse for its own purposes.