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The Sea

A painting showing a naval battle scene

Painting of a naval battle.

Image courtesy of the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth

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A selection of the titles catalogued on the topic of 'The Sea' available on the RHS Bibliography.

1. Lascar struggles against discrimination in Britain 1923–45 : the work of N. J. Upadhyaya and Surat Alley
Sherwood, Marika, 2004

2. What shall we do with the poxy sailor? : The problem of venereal diseases in the British mercantile marine, 1860–1950
Hall, Lesley A., 2004

3. The Red Ensign At War
Carr, John, 2004

4. The high life : topmen in the eighteenth-century navy
Willis, S. B. A., 2004

5. Black West Indian Seamen in the British Merchant Marine in the Mid Nineteenth Century
Cobley, Alan, 2004

6. The right kind of boy : portrait of the British sea apprentice 1830–1980
Thomas, David Arthur, 2004

7. The command of the ocean : a naval history of Britain, 1649–1815
Rodger, N. A. M., 2004

8. Mathematics and the art of navigation : the advance of scientific seamanship in Elizabethan England
Rose, Susan, 2004

9. The seafaring preacher : a note on Captain Thomas Davies, JP (1825–1905)
Rees, Ivor Thomas, 2004

10. Gender at sea : women and the East India Company in seventeenth-century London
Sharpe, Pamela, 2004

11. Records of King's freemen in the City of London in the 18th and 19th centuries
Aldous, Vivienne E., 2003

12. The early medieval seaman and the church : contacts ashore
Miller, Robert, 2003

13. Lascars in Glasgow and the west of Scotland during World War II
Sherwood, Marika, 2003

14. Surgeons At Sea
Pappalardo, Bruno, 2003

15. "Action to the purpose" : Evelyn, Greenwich, and the Stick and Wounded Seamen
Darley, Gillian, 2003

16. Honour and duty at sea, 1660–1815
Rodger, N. A. M., 2002

17. ... Parcel of poor fishermen : a rural, coastal community's maritime experiences, 1750–1800
Evans, R., 2002

18. Rum, sodomy and the lash : a Devon lad's life in Nelson's navy
Blackmore, Anthony, 2002

19. Tracing your naval ancestors
Pappalardo, Bruno, 2002

20. Fictions of the sea : critical perspectives on the ocean in British literature and culture
Klein, Bernhard, 2002

21. A nutritional analysis of the food rations on Martin Frobisher's second expedition, 1577
Heidenreich, Conrad E.; Heidenreich, Nancy L., 2002

22. Jack Nastyface : memoirs of an English seaman
Robinson, William, 2002

23. Conflicts in the international maritime labour market : British and Indian seamen, employers, and the state, 1890–1939
Balachandran, G., 2002

24. The training ships of Liverpool
Evans, Bob, 2002

25. Jack Corbett mariner
Hatch, Alfrederick Smith, 2002

26. Sailing with Flinders : the journal of seaman Samuel Smith
Monteath, Peter, [2002?]

27. Sober men and true : sailor lives in the Royal Navy, 1900–1945
McKee, Christopher, 2002

28. Captain William Rowlands 1870–1953
Hughes, John, 2002

29. John Lloyd (1748–1818) : an adventurous Welshman, part II
Jones, Ken, 2002

30. A ship ashore? Organisation and living conditions at South Georgia whaling stations, 1904–1960
Basberg, Bjørn L., 2002

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