Institute of Historical Research


When the IHR opened, it was based in temporary ‘Tudor-style’ huts along Malet Street. Although lacking the grandeur of the University of London Senate House, where it would ultimately be based, the internal layout will be familiar to anyone who has used the current IHR Library.




Plan of temporary buildings


The temporary IHR buildings on Malet Street


In the summer of 1938 the Institute moved into temporary accommodation on the third floor of the south block of Senate House, awaiting completion of the wing that it occupied until its temporary relocation in August 2011 to allow for refurbishment.





First floor plan from 1934


Second floor plan from 1934


The Institute’s new home would not come cheap. The total cost was estimated at £100,000.

Potential donors were presented with an enticing view of the future, in the form of a Charles Holden’s sketch of the new University of London Senate House building.

This was in striking contrast to the perhaps deliberately uninspiring view of its current ‘temporary building’ (see above).





Details of the General Appeal CommitteeArtist's impression of Charles Holden's plans for Senate House