Institute of Historical Research

Seminars and research training

There are now at work in the Institute six preliminary courses on historical sources and palaeography and seventeen seminars on different aspects of medieval and modern, political and constitutional, social and economic, diplomatic, colonial, and American history. Admission is restricted to postgraduate students specially qualified for historical research, and the number now approaches two hundred. The Institute is not designed for the platform method of lectures, but for the round table method of consultation among researchers and the consultation of authorities. No book may be taken out on any pretext; for the books, maps, facsimiles, guides, catalogues, and indexes are the equipment of a laboratory, and historical study no more permits their removal than physical science permits the borrowing of microscopes, telescopes, or other apparatus essential to its work. The Institute aims at providing a comprehensive guide to historical knowledge, means of testing its value, and a method of training students to use them … the very pulse of the machine beats with the hope of fostering a corporate spirit of research and a common tradition of art beyond the compass of one man’s achievement, and more lasting than such stuff as dreams are made on or the little life that breaks into the circle of our sleep.

A. F. Pollard, Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research (1924)


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