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British and Irish history
B British History:

B.01-04 selected open, remainder onsite store

onsite store

B.05-09 all openopen access 1st floor
B.1-8British HistoryOld editions of DNB, London Gazette in offsite storeopen access 1st floor
B.9British History periodicals

​Current copies

Current periodicals room, ground floor

Selected periodicals: Historical Research, English Historical Review, Past and Present and access 1st floor
Post-1950 periodicalsonsite store
Pre-1950 periodicalsoffsite store
BBBritish History FoliosExcept Parliamentary Papers, Petitions and Division Listsopen access 1st floor
Q refQuick Ref open access 1st floor
British Parliamentary sources:
 Hansard Parliamentary Debates

General: 1812-1908


open access 1st floor

Commons: 1909-1934/5open access 1st floor
Commons: 1934/5-1987/8onsite store
Lords: 1909-1994/5onsite store
 Commons and Lords journals open access 1st floor
 Editions of Parliamentary Papers onsite store
 Division lists, Petitions onsite store
BI Irish history:
BI.0-8Main collection open access 1st floor
BI.9Periodicals onsite store
BIIIrish history folios open access 1st floor Foyle room
 Dublin Gazette offsite store
BS Scottish history:
BS.0-7Main collectionMain sequence, excluding local history & periodicalsopen access 1st floor Professor Olga Crisp Room (items can be pre-requested if room is booked, please check IHR diary
BS.9Scottish History periodicals onsite store
BSLScottish Local History onsite store
BSSScottish history folios open access 1st floor Foyle room
BW Welsh History:
BW/BWLMain collectionincludes local collection, periodicalsopen access 1st floor
BWWWelsh history folios open access 1st floor Foyle room
BC/BL English and general British local history:
BC/BLBritish Local History: General

selected open, remainder onsite store, see catalogue

Directories and poll books

Selected periodicals: Archaeologia, Archaeological Journal

onsite store/ open access 1st floor


onsite store

open access 1st floor

 British Local History: General and English Counties  open access 1st floor
 Victoria County History open access 1st floor Foyle room
 London History open access 1st floor
BCC/BLLEnglish Local and London Folios open access 1st floor Foyle room
CollectionClassmarkNotesNew Location
General History (Bibliographies)E.0 offsite store
General HistoriographyE.10-149 open access
General HistoryE.15 - E.8 offsite store
Monumenta Germaniae HistoricaEGM open access
PalaeographyP offsite store
General History FoliosEE offsite store
Other European collections
CollectionClassmarkNotesNew Location
Irish HistoryBI.010-883Excluding folios, periodicals and Dublin Gazetteopen access
Irish History Periodicals/FoliosBI.9/BII onsite store
Irish History (Dublin Gazette)BI 151 offsite store
Austrian HistoryEA onsite store
Eastern European HistoryEB offsite store
Scandinavian HistoryED, EDDIncluding foliosoffsite store
French HistoryEF/EFPExcluding Journal Officiel, folios & periodicalsopen access
French History (Journal Officiel)EF.9001 offsite store
French History Periodicals and FoliosEF.9, EFF, EFPP onsite store
German HistoryEG/EGGExcluding local history, including foliosonsite store
German Local HistoryEGL/EGLLIncluding foliosoffsite store
Monumenta Germaniae HistoricaEGM open access
Swiss HistoryEH offsite store
Italian HistoryEIExcluding Italian Parliamentary Papers and foliosopen access
French, German, Italian Parliamentary PapersEI 501except Archives parlementaires, see belowoffsite store
Archives parlementaires de 1787 à 1860, Series 1EF.6312/MavIHR holdings: vol. 1, 1787- vol. 101, 1794open access
Italian History FoliosEII onsite store
Balkans/Mediterranean HistoryEM offsite store
Low Countries HistoryEN/ENA/ENB/ENL/ENPIncluding foliosonsite store
Portuguese HistoryEP offsite store
Ecclesiastical HistoryER.01-89Excluding periodicals and Patrologia Latinaopen access
Ecclesiastical History Patrologia LatinaER.22 Mig onsite store
Ecclesiastical History Periodicals


 onsite store
Ecclesiastical History FoliosERR open access
Spanish HistoryES.1-8excluding bibliography, periodicals, regional history and foliosopen access
Spanish History bibliography section, periodicals, regional history and foliosES.0, ES.9, ESS, ESR, ESSR onsite store
History of the CrusadesEU open access
History of the Crusades FoliosEUU open access
Byzantine HistoryEVIncluding periodicalsopen access
Byzantine History FoliosEVV onsite store
Rest of world/International collections
CollectionClassmarkNotesNew Location
Asian HistoryA, AAIncluding foliosoffsite store
Colonial HistoryCExcluding C.517 Canada Gazette and foliosonsite store
Colonial: Canada GazetteC517 offsite store
International RelationsIR

IR.0 and IR.1 Selected items open access,
remainder in onsite store.

open access basement
International Relations FoliosIRR offsite store
Latin American HistoryLA, LAA offsite store
US History: BibliographyUB offsite store
US History: Federal and StatesUF, USFolios in offsite storeonsite store
Military HistoryWPeriodicals, Army, Navy and Air Force Lists and
folios in closed access.
open access basement
Colonial, Military, US and Latin American FoliosCC, IRR, LAA, UBB, UFF, USS, WW offsite store
CollectionClassmarkNotesNew Location
ThesesTheses onsite store
Microfilm materialXR open access
Microfiche materialXF onsite store

Current periodicals



current periodicals room (ground floor)

Post 1950 periodicals most recent issues on open accessonsite store
Pre 1950 and LA periodicals  offsite store
National Register of Archives  offsite store