Collection locations

See library homepage for general information including membership. All items can only be consulted within the library.

Open and closed access locations

Locations are indicated on the catalogue, and can be accessed as follows. Please check locations and be aware that some items need to be requested in advance.


Items marked open access are available on open shelves in the library . 
Open access locations (pdf)

IHR ONSITE STORE:Items marked onsite store can be requested in person, by phone or email. See contact details. Request forms can be handed in at the library enquiry office or reception. Fetches will be carried out at 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4.30pm on weekdays and 2pm on Saturdays.

Items marked offsite store will be available within 1-2 working days by pre-ordering in person, by phone or email. See contact details.

Classmark guide

IHR classmarks consist of letters (indicating collection) and numerals (indicating shelf order). Class numbers read as decimal numbers e.g. BS.253 files before BS.5. Where the last letter is doubled, this indicates a folio-sized volume e.g. BB or EFF. These are usually on separate oversized shelves.


  • Browse recent issues of most periodicals in the periodicals room on the ground floor. The last 3-4 years of each title is available under the flap behind the current issue.
  • Some periodicals are on open access in their entirety, and the back issues are shelved near the relevant collection. These include:
    • Historical Research
    • English Historical Review
    • Scottish Historical Review
    • Past and Present
    • History
    • Archaeologia
    • Archaeological Journal
    • Journal of Ecclesiastical History
    • International history review
    • Diplomatic History
  • Record society and other source-based series are mostly on the open shelves.
  • Most back issues of periodicals are in closed-access and can be requested. There is no limit on the number of volumes. Most titles are in onsite store post-1950, and offsite prior to that, with some exceptions.
  • Many periodicals are available electronically from PCs within the library. You can access these via links on the catalogue. Due to licence restrictions they aren't available offsite (except for IHR staff and students).