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See library homepage for general information including membership. All items are for library use only. Collections are divided into categories in the lists below: British History, General, Other European, Rest of World/International and Miscellaneous (theses, journals and microfilms).  Locations are as follows:

  Open access: Items marked open access are available in the open access library space in the 3rd floor Senate House south block.  
  Onsite store: Items marked onsite store can be requested in person, by phone or email. See contact details. Request forms can be handed in at the library enquiry office or reception. Fetches will be carried out at 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4.30pm on weekdays and 2pm on Saturdays.  
  Offsite store: Items marked offsite store will be available within 1-2 working days by pre-ordering in person, by phone or email. See contact details.  
British History
  Collection Classmark Notes New Location
  British History: Bibliographies/Guides B.0   onsite store
  British History B.1-B.8 Old editions of DNB to offsite store open access
  British History Folios (except individual items listed below) BB   onsite store
  British Journals B.9 pre-1950 journals offsite onsite store
  Quick Ref   Some selected material from closed access collections to be added here open access
  Hansard Parliamentary Debates B.999 General/Commons: 1-615 (1803-Dec 1959); Lords: 1-225 (1909-Oct 1959) open access
  Lords and Commons Journals BB.4012-3 Lords Journal (1831/2-1869 & 1899) and Commons Journal (1831/2-1899) open access
  Lords Papers/C19th sessional BB.719   open access
  Division Lists     open access
  Statutes of the Realm BB.40189/Sta   open access
  Public Petitions B.999   onsite store
  London Gazette B.73   offsite store
  19th century journals B.Per   offsite store
  British Local History: General BC.0-BC.50 excluding BC.25-26 onsite store
  British Local History: English Counties, Poll Books and Victoria County History BC.51-BC.95, BC.25-26   open access
  London History BL.0-8 Excluding folios open access
  Scottish History BS.0-7 Main sequence, excluding local history, periodicals & folios open access
  Scottish History Periodicals BS.9   onsite store
  Scottish Local History BSL / BS.8   onsite store
  Welsh History BW/BWL   open access
  British Local History Folios BCC, BLL, BSS, BWW   onsite store
  Collection Classmark Notes New Location
  General History (Bibliographies) E.0   offsite store
  General Historiography E.10-149   open access
  General History E.15 - E.8   offsite store
  Monumenta Germaniae Historica EGM   open access
  Palaeography P   offsite store
  General History periodicals E.9   onsite store
  Pre-1950 periodicals E.9, E207-E741   offsite store
  General History Folios EE   offsite store
Other European collections
  Collection Classmark Notes New Location
  Irish History BI.010-883 Excluding folios, periodicals and Dublin Gazette open access
  Irish History Periodicals/Folios BI.9/BII   onsite store
  Irish History (Dublin Gazette) BI 151   offsite store
  Austrian History EA   offsite store
  Eastern European History EB   offsite store
  Scandinavian History ED, EDD Including folios offsite store
  French History EF/EFP Excluding Journal Officiel, folios & periodicals open access
  French History (Journal Officiel) EF.9001   offsite store
  French History Periodicals and Folios EF.9, EFF, EFPP   onsite store
  German History EG/EGG Excluding local history, including folios onsite store
  German Local History EGL/EGLL Including folios offsite store
  Monumenta Germaniae Historica EGM   open access
  Swiss History EH   offsite store
  Italian History EI Excluding Italian Parliamentary Papers and folios open access
  French, German, Italian Parliamentary Papers EI 501 except Archives parlementaires, see below offsite store
  Archives parlementaires de 1787 à 1860, Series 1 EF.6312/Mav IHR holdings: vol. 1, 1787- vol. 101, 1794 open access
  Italian History Folios EII   onsite store
  Balkans/Mediterranean History EM   offsite store
  Low Countries History EN/ENA/ENB/ENL/ENP Including folios onsite store
  Portuguese History EP   offsite store
  Ecclesiastical History ER.01-89 Excluding periodicals, folios and Patrologia Latina open access
  Ecclesiastical History Patrologia Latina ER.22 Mig   onsite store
  Ecclesiastical History Periodicals/Folios ER.9/ ERR   onsite store
  Spanish History ES.1-8 excluding bibliography, periodicals, regional history and folios open access
  Spanish History bibliography section, periodicals, regional history and folios ES.0, ES.9, ESS, ESR, ESSR   onsite store
  History of the Crusades EU   open access
  History of the Crusades Folios EUU   onsite store
  Byzantine History EV Including periodicals open access
  Byzantine History Folios EVV   onsite store
Rest of world/International collections
  Collection Classmark Notes New Location
  Asian History A, AA Including folios offsite store
  Colonial History C Excluding C.517 Canada Gazette and folios onsite store
  Colonial: Canada Gazette C517   offsite store
  International Relations IR, IRR Excluding IR.32-39 Treaties series onsite store
  International Relations: Treaties Series IR.32-IR.39   offsite store
  Latin American History LA, LAA Including folios and periodicals offsite store
  US History: Bibliography UB   offsite store
  US History: Federal and States UF, US Excluding folios onsite store
  Military History W Including periodicals; excluding folios onsite store
  Colonial, Military, US and Latin American Folios CC, IRR, LAA, UBB, UFF, USS, WW   offsite store
  Collection Classmark Notes New Location
  Theses Theses   onsite store
  Microfilm material XR   open access
  Microfiche material XF   onsite store
  Current periodicals     open access
  Post 1950 periodicals   excluding Latin America onsite store
  Pre 1950 and LA periodicals     offsite store
  National Register of Archives     offsite store