Italian History in the Institute of Historical Research Library

About the Italian collection

The IHR's collections focus on primary sources, with supplementary guides, bibliographies, reference works and periodicals. The scope of the Italian collections stretch from early medieval to modern history. There is a good collection of archival guides for Italy, ranging from the State Archives to the archives of little-known villages and monasteries.

There is an extensive set of the Fonti Italiani and other collections of sources. There are strong holdings for regional material covering the city-states and kingdoms of Italy, as well as chronologically organized material for Italy as a whole.

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Organisation of the main Italian collection (classmark EI)

The items are classified with the letter EI (EII for oversized material), subdivided as follows:




Bibliographies and Archive Guides


General, Reference works, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, Biographical Dictionaries and Periodicals


Medieval Italian History (to c. 1494)


Italian history 1494 – present

  • EI.3 whole period
  • EI.4 1494–1796
  • EI.5 1796–1870
  • EI.6 1870-present


Regional and Local History

  • EI.7 Northern Italy
  • EI.8 Central Italy
  • EI.9 Southern Italy and Sicily
  • EF.57 1774 – 1789


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