Recent acquisitions

Selected highlights of additions to the library within the past year.

Le Journal de Jean-François Bernardy
Germany (EG)
Added 2 Sep 2016
A Memoir of the Warsaw Uprising
Jewish history, Military History (W)
Added 2 Sep 2016
España ante sus críticos
Spain (ES)
Added 2 Sep 2016
The History of East-Central European Eugenics 1900-1945
Second World War, East European and Balkan (EB/EM)
Added 2 Sep 2016
«Yo, don Hernando Cortés»
Latin America (LA)
Added 2 Sep 2016
Banque et société, XIXe-XXIe siècle
Economic history, General (E)
Added 1 Sep 2016
Medieval Cyprus: a place of cultural encounter
Crusades (EU)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Tagebuch aus dem Ghetto Litzmannstadt
Jewish history (EY)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Three Empires, Three Cities
Italy (EI)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Charles Brasch Journals: 1938-1945
Second World War, Colonial (C)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Hilflos steht man vor all dem Grauen
Second World War, Germany (EG)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Chivalry and the Medieval Past
General (E)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Postnarrativist Philosophy of Historiography
Historiography, General (E)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Strategy and the Sea
Maritime, Military History (W)
Added 27 Jul 2016
Leaving the North
Migration, Ireland (BI)
Added 24 Jun 2016
Mapping the Country of Regions
Travel, Latin America (LA)
Added 24 Jun 2016
The Girl in the Check Coat
Second World War, Jewish history (EY)
Added 24 Jun 2016
Letters from Wupatki
Architecture/ building history, United States (UB, UF, US)
Added 24 Jun 2016
Negotiating China's Destiny in World War II
Second World War, International Relations (IR)
Added 24 Jun 2016