Copying and printing facilities in the IHR library

Self-service copying

June 2017: A new copying system has been implemented so the information on this page is in the process of being updated. Please ask staff if you need any help.

For existing users: You will need a new account for the new system which will be shared across Senate House Library, the Warburg Institute and the Institute of Historical Research. You can set up and administer your account at, please see further details below. Please visit the IHR library enquiry office if you need to transfer credit from a pre-June 2017 account.

For new usersCopying facilities are available on floor 2 of the IHR. You can set up and administer your account at, please see further details below. The photocopier can be used for photocopying, releasing print jobs and scanning to email.

Costs for copying

Copying and printing

Black and whiteColour


Costs are per side. A double-sided copy will charge for 2 copies

Your account

Registering for the first time

Warburg Institute and SHL members: If you have already set up an account for Senate House Library or the Warburg Institute you won’t need to re-register for the IHR. If you are a Senate House Library member you may want to use their automated system to create a new account which will transfer the balance from a pre-June 2017 SHL account. Login to your SHL account via the SHL catalogue to do this.

You can register online for an account at Click to Register as a new user. During the registration process you will create a username and password and receive a 6 digit PIN. Choose details you can remember or keep a record for future use. Once registered, you will get an email with your account details. You will need to click a link to confirm your email address.

Please visit the IHR library enquiry office if you need to transfer credit from a pre-June 2017 account.

Adding credit

Online using credit/ debit card:
  • Access your account via and click on Add Credit in the sidebar.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. You won't receive a receipt, but you can view and print your Transaction History via your account.
  • After completing payment, remember to Log Out.

In cash: Please visit the library enquiry office.

Transferring credit from your old IHR account: If you have credit on the pre June 2017 IHR account, staff in the IHR library enquiry office will be able to transfer it to your new account.

Once credit has been added to your account it cannot be refunded except in the event of a machine malfunction. You will lose any unused print credit after 3 years of inactivity on your account.

Copying regulations

  • All copying is subject to copyright regulations. Further information is displayed on notices by the machines.

  • Please handle items carefully when copying, and avoid copying anything that is large, fragile, tightly bound or damaged.

  • We allow digital photography. Please be considerate to other users when taking photos and choose a location where you will not disturb people working in the vicinity.

Reprographics services

We can supply copies of our material for users who are unable to visit in person or use the self-service facilities. Copying is subject to copyright regulations. We will usually only be able to provide copies up to article/chapter length. Charges for standard low resolution pages are in line with British Library pricing. Other reprographics orders are charged individually. Please ask for further information if you require permission to publish.