AHRC ‘Challenges to Biography’ Network

The last two decades have witnessed a huge expansion of research into the nature of biography. One of the great strengths of this burgeoning research culture is its interdisciplinary nature, with researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines, as well as freelance biographers and scholars unattached to any academic institution. This very strength, however, presents biography with a series of challenges. Most notably, communication across academic disciplines and between academic and non-academic writers can often prove difficult. The aim of this network is to meet these challenges. Through the organisation of symposia and an international conference, and through this website, we hope to provide a platform for discussion that will be interdisciplinary, international, and inclusive. Whether you are an academic who writes biography, a theorist who writes about biography, a freelance biographer, or an agent or publisher with an interest in biography, we welcome you to this network. We very much hope you will register on the website and become involved in the network’s activities and events.


Published on: 
11 Apr 2011