Locating London’s Past

Funded by JISC, and the result of collaboration between the IHR and the Universities of Sheffield and Hertfordshire, Locating London’s Past is a new website that lets users delve deep into the capital’s past, revolutionising our understanding of London’s history. The website is the first to enable users to map interactively information from a vast array of sources, covering:

  • crime and punishment
  • the distribution of wealth, poverty and occupations
  • the ownership of consumer goods
  • mortality

Trial accounts from the Old Bailey, hearth tax, plague deaths and population data and even archaeological records can all be uploaded onto John Rocque’s 1746 map of London, now fully referenced to modern geographical coordinates by Museum of London Archaeology. Locating London’s Past maps the selected data by keyword and other criteria to transform John Rocque’s London into an interactive resource with multiple layers, thus enabling anyone to explore fully geo-referenced detail to reveal the distribution of crimes, wealth and poverty, mortality, archaeological finds, voting records and much more.

With the visualisation through maps of important characteristics of the metropolis during a time of rapid growth, Locating London’s Past provides a new tool for understanding the relationships between the people and places of pre-modern London. Visit the website at www.locatinglondon.org

Published on: 
12 Dec 2011