BBIH update

The latest update to the Bibliography of British and Irish History, launched on 11 October 2010, includes over 5,000 new records.

Nearly 3,000 of these relate to publications of 2009 and 2010. We are continuing our policy of including records as soon as we have confirmed that a book or article has been published and relates to British or Irish history. These records carry provisional indexing which has not yet been checked by our team of academic section editors (such records can be identified by a note: 'Record not yet reviewed by RHS section editor').

There are just over 600 new records relating to Irish history. Although Irish History Online is now published as a separate database, BBIH continues to include material on Anglo-Irish relations and publications on Irish history in general, although we will not be able to continue the coverage of Irish local history maintained by Irish History Online. As a result, users may notice some inconsistency of coverage of recent Irish history publications, some of which we hope to resolve soon. In the longer run, we hope to co-operate with Irish History Online in record collection.

Although the London's Past Online project is no longer itself creating new records, new material on London history continues to appear in BBIH. 200 of the new records in this update relate to London.

The complete database, including titles from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, now contains 494,000 records.

New section editors

We are pleased to welcome two new members to our team of academic editors. Dr Beth Hartland, of King's College London, and Dr Matthew Kelly, of Southampton University, will be handling material on Irish history before and after c.1640 respectively.

Other news

As in all updates, the indexing of many records initially published in the CD-ROM version of the RHS Bibliography has been improved.

In conjunction with our publishers, Brepols, we have also implemented some minor improvements: when records are exported, author surnames are no longer given in capitals throughout, to facilitate incorporation into users' personal bibliographies and reading lists; Greek characters and accented characters in languages such as Czech, Polish and Welsh, which were not all indicated in previous releases, are now correctly displayed.

We plan that the next update will appear in early February 2011.

Published on: 
11 Oct 2010