BBIH update and other news

The latest update to BBIH, published on 4 October 2011, contains 5,833 new records, including 1,672 which describe books and articles published in 2011.

Over 700 of the new records deal with Irish history, with the Irish Diaspora or with Anglo-Irish relations, and 266 of the new records relate to the history of London.

The complete database, including titles from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, now contains nearly 510,000 records.

Other news

We are pleased to welcome a new section editor, Dr Jason McElligott, of Marsh's Library, Dublin, who will edit records relating to Ireland since c.1640.

We are sorry that the redesign of the Archaeology Data Service's online archive means that we have had to withdraw article and volume level links to the full text of archaeological journals and series published there. The Archaeology Data Service hopes to establish stable links to individual items soon, at which point we plan to reintroduce article and volume level links. Meanwhile, we have provided links at journal or series level, from which you can browse to find particular articles or volumes.

We plan that the next update will appear in early February 2012.

Published on: 
5 Oct 2011