BBIH update and other news

The latest update to BBIH, launched on 7 February 2011, includes over 4,500 new records, nearly 2,000 of which describe books and articles published in 2010.

Although Irish History Online is now published as a separate database, BBIH continues to include material on Anglo-Irish relations and publications on Irish history in general, and this update contains nearly 700 new records that deal with these areas.

Similarly, although the London's Past Online project is no longer itself creating new records, the update includes just over 200 new records relevant to London history, including information on newly completed theses relating to London provided by the Centre for Metropolitan History.

The complete database, including titles from Irish History Online and London's Past Online, now contains over 498,000 records.

Other news

We are now including links to reviews published online by .

As in all updates, the indexing of many records initially published in the CD-ROM version of the RHS Bibliography has been improved.

Improvements to the interface include an option, on the record view screen, to remove the classification details so as to give a more compact display.

We plan that the next update will appear in early June 2011.

Published on: 
7 Feb 2011