Data upgrade

4083 new records, including 344 new records relating to the history of London and 65 relating to the history of Ireland. Nearly 2000 of the new records cover titles published in 2003-4.

The current update does not include any new records from Irish History Online, but it is planned that a further batch of records from Irish History Online will be added in spring 2005.

The indexing of many existing titles has been improved.

We have amended the subject classification scheme. Most terms and their relationships remain unchanged but we have reduced the number of top level terms to make it easier to browse the scheme from the top level.

We have begun to add links to the H-Albion website for books included in the bibliography which have been reviewed by H-Albion. For the time being, these links will be confined to reviews newly published by H-Albion, although our long-term plan is to provide links for all the works on British and Irish history reviewed by H-Albion.

Published on: 
31 Dec 2004