Data upgrade

Nearly 6000 additional titles. This update is the first to include information on recent publications not previously included in the Society’s printed bibliographies (which ceased with the Annual Bibliography covering titles of 2002). The update contains some 2300 items published in 2003 and 2004 which, had the printed version been continued, would not have appeared in the bibliography until autumn 2004 or 2005. However, we appreciate that users of the printed Annual Bibliographies will miss the opportunity which the printed version gave to browse a list of newly published works in a particular field; for information on how the online version can be used in the same way, please see our page on browsing latest additions.

More 2003 and 2004 publications will appear in a further update in early summer 2004.

Some subject areas are better represented in this update than others, as a result of the different timetables to which the bibliography’s section editors work. This update does not include titles specific to Irish history, which are now being handled by the Writings on Irish History On-Line project. However, we expect that their data will become available online, with access through the RHS Bibliographies interface, in summer 2004.

Indexing of many existing titles upgraded.

Improved links to other online resources. We are gradually including links to journal websites, where these are available, and we are also introducing links to newly posted contributions to the Institute of Historical Research’s online Reviews in History.

We have replaced the abbreviations for county names used in the Place index with the full names of the counties. This will improve the results of searches for counties when these are carried out using Simple search, or using Subject (free text) on the Full search form. However, this does mean that, when you search for most county towns using Simple search or Subject (free text), the automatic truncation on these fields will increase the number of results relating to the county rather than to the town (e.g. searching for “Hertford” will produce results including records indexed with “Hertfordshire”). For more precise results, which should be comprehensive for titles published in 1993 and later, use the Place index field on the Full search form.

Published on: 
30 Apr 2004