Data upgrade

Over 10,000 additional titles including the contents of the RHS Annual Bibliography of British and Irish History for 2002.

Indexing of many existing titles upgraded.

Project news

We are grateful to the Arts and Humanities Research Board for a further grant from its Resource Enhancement programme to maintain and develop the online service for three years from 1 January 2004.

The RHS has decided to concentrate resources on the online bibliography and as a result the printed Annual Bibliography will no longer be produced. This will allow material to be published online more speedily and will also help us to share resources with other similar projects such as the new Writings on Irish History On-Line project.

As a result of the restructuring of the project, Dr Austin Gee, who has been General Editor of the Annual Bibliography since 1995, will be leaving. We would like to thank him for his enormous contribution to the RHS bibliographies over the past years. A new Assistant Project Editor, Simon Baker, will be joining us in January 2004.

Published on: 
20 Dec 2003