Launch of Irish History Online

Irish History Online has been launched, adding 14,000 titles to the bibliography. These records represent the titles from Writings on Irish History for 1989 to 1998 (compiled by Máirín Cassidy and Ciaran Nicholson) which were not already included in the database; the records have been indexed using the bibliography's subject indexing scheme and each has been given an indication of period covered. At the same time, the information about many of the titles from the 1989-98 Writings on Irish History that were already in the Royal Historical Society data has been improved by the Irish History Online team. When you select the new Irish material only option on the search menu, you have access to the new titles from Irish History Online and also to all the material in the Royal Historical Society and London's Past Online databases that has been identified as relating to Irish history, a total of nearly 33,000 titles. The same data can also be searched from a dedicated search menu.

Other news

In addition to the 14,000 titles from Irish History Online, we have added over 4200 other new titles. 834 of these new records are from London's Past Online; 1400 of the new records cover titles published in 2003-4.

The indexing of many existing titles has been improved.

Published on: 
31 Aug 2004